Dog fouling

Guidance on how to deal with dog waste in H&F.

Dog mess is anti-social and unhygienic - let’s keep it off our streets.

Most dog owners are responsible and pick up their dogs' mess.

If you don't, you're not only creating a nasty, smelly mess for other people, you're committing a crime. And if we catch you, we'll fine you £80.

Please put dog mess in a plastic bag and leave it in any litter bin or any of our special dog waste bins. See Street cleaning and litter for more information on litterbins.

Help us clear up after the dog-foulers

We know most local people are as annoyed as we are by people who let their dogs foul our streets and parks.

If you see dog mess, please report it, and we’ll come and deal with it. We can't be everywhere, all the time, so we're very grateful for your help.

Through your smartphone, using our H&F Report it app


Report it online

You can also contact the Cleaner Greener hotline, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday at:

 or email us

More information on dog fouling

Read the Fouling of Land by Dogs Order 2006

See animals for more information about dog control orders, dangerous dogs and animal welfare.

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