Sports bookings terms and conditions

All sports bookings in Hammersmith & Fulham are required to follow the terms and conditions for using our facilities.

Anyone who makes a sports booking in the Hammersmith & Fulham is required to follow the terms and conditions for using our facilities.

Once you have made payment, you accept that these terms and conditions will apply to your booking.

For some bookings you will need to sign a copy of the terms and conditions. If this is the case we will let you know when you make the booking. 

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Terms and conditions

Conditions relating to the hire of outdoor sporting and other recreational facilities and public open spaces

1. In these conditions:  

‘the council’ means: the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) and it’s designated contractor, Quadron Services Limited.

‘the event’ means:  the function, sports fixture or other occasion involved in the hiring

‘the facilities’ means:  all property of, or under the control or management of, the council, which may be the subject of a hire agreement, and includes sports and other equipment, public open space and other land

the head of booking services’ means:  the Bi-Borough sports Manager of the council’s designated contractor, Quadron Services Limited, or any other officer nominated to act in their place to administer the bookings of outdoor sports and other recreational facilities and public open spaces. The head of booking services will liaise, as necessary, with council heads of service with responsibility for the provision of facilities for sports and events use, in order to carry out the functions set out in these conditions;

‘the hire’ means:  the use of facilities or land by agreement with the council

‘the hirer’ means:  the persons entering into the hiring agreement with the council

‘the hiring’ means:  the agreement to use the sports facilities or the facilities

‘people using the facilities’ means:  people invited, allowed or required by the hirer or anyone else to attend, watch or take part in any event, and

‘sports facilities’ means:  the sports pitches and items supplied by the council, as specified in correspondence. 

‘application’ means:   any request or application form received by the council for use of sports facilities, by post, email, fax or telephone. 
2. The conditions will apply to the hire of the facilities and the sports facilities.  

(a) The person making the booking will be deemed to be the hirer, and will be responsible for complying with the conditions of the hiring agreement
If the hiring is being made by a legally constituted club/association or other incorporated organisation, the application must be signed or sent by a person duly authorised by the club/association or organisation named on the application. In the case of a constituted club/association, its current trustees will also be deemed to be the hirer, and they will all be jointly and severally liable under the hiring agreement.
(b) Where applicable, the hirer must be over 18 years of age.
(c) The agreement to hire facilities will only come into existence when:

  • an application has been submitted to the head of booking services in accordance with these conditions
  • the head of booking services has accepted the booking in writing
  • all documents and payments have been received.

 (d) The council reserves the right to vary, alter or revise any of these conditions. This right will not be used to alter the conditions of a booking that has already been accepted and paid for.  However, if a booking has been accepted but full payment has not been received, the council has the right under sub-clause 3(b) to alter the charges due.
(e) These conditions cannot be changed verbally by a council officer.  Any changes must be confirmed in writing by the head of booking services.
(f) The hiring agreement will give the hirer, and/or the represented club/association or organisation, the right to use the relevant facilities.  The hirer has no right to assign or sub-let the facilities without the prior permission of the head of booking services.  Any instance of an unauthorised sub-letting may, at the discretion of the head of booking services, result in the hiring agreement being forthwith terminated or temporarily suspended.
3. (a)  The hirer must pay the council the fixed fees for hiring any facilities or land within 30 days of receipt of an invoice or other request to do so, or a calendar week before the date the hire is due to take place, whichever is sooner.

(b) The council reserves the right to alter charges without notice.  All bookings, other than those where all fees have been paid, remain subject to this right.
4. All  cheques and postal orders must be made payable to Quadron Services Limited.  Only an official receipt form, receipt letter or payment confirmation will be accepted as evidence of payment.

(a) The council reserves the right to cancel bookings and, without notice, to terminate or temporarily suspend the use of facilities if, in the opinion of the officer in charge of the facilities: 

  • the facilities are not available for use
  • or are required for any other purpose. This right will not be exercised unreasonably.

(b) The council reserves the right to refuse bookings on a permanent or temporary basis, cancel bookings, or attach additional conditions to the hiring of any facilities, if the head of booking services has reason to believe that the hirer concerned:

  • is in any way responsible for deliberate or negligent damage caused to the sports facilities and/or the facilities;
  • owes money to the council as a result of, or in connection with, a previous hiring of facilities; or
  • is in breach of any other provision of these conditions, or has been in breach of conditions relating to any previous hiring of facilities.
  • contravenes any of the park bylaws. 
  • demonstrates threatening behaviour or abusive language towards the council’s staff and/or other sports facility users. 

(c) The council reserves the right to cancel any booking for which payment has not been received by the specified date or after 28 days from dispatch of written confirmation, or 24 hours after verbal confirmation.
5. (a)  If, under the provisions of clause 4(b), the council cancels any bookings previously accepted,    any refund of fees previously paid will be decided by the head of booking services.

(b) If the hirer cancels any bookings, the council will not automatically refund any fees. The refund of fees in any particular case will be in line with standard policies and procedures and solely at the discretion of the head of booking services. Any refunds will be less any costs incurred by the council.
6. (a)  The hirer must be responsible for ensuring that all those attending the event/activity, comply with:

  • all reasonable instructions of the authorised officers in charge of the facilities
  • all relevant bylaws, and
  • any Acts of Parliament relating to, or regulating the use of, these.

(b) The hirer must make suitable arrangements for the proper supervision of the event, to ensure that his responsibilities under clause 6(a) are met.  The hirer must take all precautions necessary to ensure that: • No inconvenience or annoyance is caused to: o users of other land or facilities belonging to the council o owners or occupiers of neighbouring properties o the general public, and • No injury or damage is caused, or is reasonably likely to be caused to: o people using the facilities o the users of other land or facilities belonging to the council o owners or occupiers of neighbouring properties o the general public, or o any personal property.
(c) The head of booking services will decide whether the requirements of clauses 6(a) and (b) of this clause have been complied with.
7. Written consent must be obtained from the head of booking services before:

(a) erecting, or allowing the erection of, any marquee, tent or other structure on any part of the hired facilities;
(b) carrying out, or allowing to be carried out, any repair work, maintenance or alteration to any facilities;
(c) allowing vehicles of any sort (including motorcycles) to be parked or left on facilities (including grassed areas), other than on official designated car park areas, or where the council permits;
(d) using, or allowing the use of, any public address equipment and/or other amplifying equipment.  Where written consent is given, the equipment must not cause annoyance or nuisance to the occupiers of surrounding property or to the general public.
8. (a) To obtain prior agreement for the hiring, the hirer must submit an application in accordance with clause 2 of these conditions. This must reach the head of booking services at least three working days before the date of the event, or the date of the action for which consent is required, whichever is the earlier. The completed application must give full details of all matters relating to the proposed hiring.

(b) The council’s receipt of an application for hiring sporting facilities or facilities for any event does not imply that the prior written consent of the head of booking service:

  • has been given
  • is being given or
  • will be given in respect of anything for which prior written consent is required by these conditions, even when the request for consent has been made on the application for the booking, as required by subclause (a) of this clause.

(c) When granting prior written consent, the head of booking services may make this subject to conditions.
9. (a) The council accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury that  may occur to:

  • the hirer
  • anyone using the facilities
  • any property of the hirer or anyone using the facilities

This also covers the loss of any property belonging to anyone, except where the accident, damage, injury or loss has been caused through the negligence or act of the council, or a council officer in the course of their employment. It is strongly recommended that valuables are not left in changing rooms or on pitches.
(b) The hirer must ensure that the contents of clause 9(a) of this clause are brought to the attention of everyone using the facilities.  Anyone using the facilities will be deemed to do so at their own risk, waiving all rights (if any) to claims against the council in respect of any accident, damage, injury or loss for which the council refutes any responsibility or liability under clause 9(a).
(c) The hirer agrees to indemnify, and keep indemnified, the council against all proceedings, claims, costs, expenses and liabilities in respect of:

  • any injury (whether fatal or otherwise) to anyone (whether using the facilities or not); and/or
  • any loss of, or damage to the property of anyone (whether using the facilities or not); and/or
  • arising from, or caused by, the hire of the facilities by the hirer. 

10. The hirer must ensure that no person or organisation watching, taking part in, or attending any event will store or leave any of their equipment or personal effects on, in, or at facilities, unless the written consent of the head of booking services has first been obtained. Where this consent has been given, a charge may be payable by the hirer. The council will set the charge and may vary it from time to time.  The council will not be responsible for the equipment or personal effects, or be liable to anyone in respect of any loss or damage caused to the equipment or personal effects as a result of authorised storage.

11. (a) The hirer must take all appropriate measures to ensure that no damage, either directly or indirectly, is caused to any facilities.

(b) The hirer agrees to pay the council, within 14 days of receipt of a written demand, compensation for any damage caused in breach of clause 11(a).  The head of booking services will reasonably assess the amount of compensation. This will be the cost of repairing the damage, together with the actual or estimated amount of income lost by the council, as a result of damaged facilities. The decision of the head of booking services will be final. 
12. (a) The hirer will be responsible for inspecting all facilities hired before use. The hirer will be  deemed to have accepted that all facilities were in a good and safe condition, unless the hirer has specifically and clearly brought any defects to the notice of an authorised council officer before the commencement of use and has not used the facilities until such defects are rectified. The fact that a council officer has authorised the facilities to be used does not imply any warranty on the part of the council as to the condition of the facilities. The hirer must rely on his own inspection.

(b) Any complaint connected with the hiring or use of any facilities must be made out in writing to the Sports Bookings Team or the Head of Booking Services within five working days of the problem being encountered.
13. (a) No charge can be made by the hirer, or any other persons attending, watching or taking part in any event, without having first obtained the written consent of the head of booking services.  Any application for written consent must give full details of the charges to be made.

(b) For the purposes of these conditions, a charge will be deemed to be made when:

  • money is demanded or paid for admission to, or participation in, any event, or for the right to park a vehicle;
  • programmes for an event or other goods are sold;
  • a collection of money or goods is made;
  • a raffle or lottery of any sort is held.

14. (a) The council reserves the right for any of its authorised officers to enter the hired facilities at any time, to ensure the conditions of hire are being complied with.

(b) If an officer, on visiting the hired facilities during any event, reasonably believes:

  • the hirer has not taken, or is not taking, the action necessary to fulfil his responsibilities under clause 6 or under clause 17(e) or
  • any action has been taken, or is being taken, in connection with the event for which the prior written consent of the head of booking services is required under the terms of these conditions, and that prior written consent has not been obtained

then that officer, at their discretion, may either require the hirer to take any necessary action, or cancel that booking and require the hirer and everyone using the facilities to vacate them immediately.  No fees are refundable to the hirer by the council, in respect of a booking cancelled in this way.
15. (a) Hirers may not under any circumstances sell or provide intoxicating liquor for any event on or in any facilities. Any requests for events to include such provision must be referred to the council’s Events Team.

16. Additional Conditions Relating to Sports Facilities

(a) Special arrangements may be agreed with the head of booking services for sports matches outside the relevant season.
The council will, at its own expense, provide the necessary goal posts and pitch markings for all standard sports facilities. The hirer is responsible for the supply and erection of football nets and corner flags on grass pitches. (b) To qualify for a credit for cancellations: • All bookings no longer required must be cancelled at least seven days before, otherwise the full charge will be incurred.
17. Additional Conditions Relating to Public Open Spaces

(a) The reservation of public open spaces can be made up to the end of the financial year..  
(b) The use of public open spaces will begin on or after 8am, and will end before sunset, except where floodlighting is provided for the hired sports facility.  Any variation from these times must be authorised in writing by the head of booking services.
(c) The hirer must ensure that advertisements relating to the event include the promoter’s name and address in capital letters.

  • The display of advertising materials on any public open space will be subject to the consent of the head of booking services.  The council reserves the right to remove any advertising material at any time, without specifying any reason.
  • The hirer must ensure that no unauthorised distribution and posting of publicity material (commonly called ‘fly-posting’) is carried out in the vicinity.  The hirer is warned that the council may instigate legal proceedings in the event of apparent offences in this respect, and that future use of facilities may be prejudiced.

(d) The council reserves the right to permit broadcasting or televising of any event taking place at facilities.  Prior written consent must be obtained from the head of booking service if it is intended to broadcast, record, film or televise any events.  The council reserves the right to retain any fees payable by any television company, radio station, film company, record company or similar organisation for the use of the council’s facilities.
(e) The hirer of public open spaces must comply with the requirements of the head of booking services, to ensure there is adequate toilet accommodation for people using the facilities during the event. The council does not guarantee to provide such accommodation, even where it is normally available.
18. (a) Any notice, demand or request by the council to, or upon, the hirer will be sent by email or post, addressed to the hirer at their last known email/postal address.  This will be taken to be as given by the hirer on the application.  The notice, demand or request will be deemed to be received by, or served upon, the hirer immediately if sent by email, or two working days after it has been posted if sent by post.

(b) The hirer is responsible for notifying the head of booking services in writing of any change of address.  The council accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage arising from failure to comply with this condition.
19. The council enters into this hiring agreement only in its capacity as the owner and manager of the hired land.  No action taken by the council or one of its authorised officers, under the terms of such an agreement will be deemed to be a waiver, or in any way limit the council’s rights, duties or powers as a local authority or local planning authority.  If the written consent of the head of booking services is required, and is given to any action, this consent will not be deemed to be formal approval of the action from the council for the purposes of any statute or regulation, unless it is expressly stated to be so.

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