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The Linford Christie Young Athlete Grant for talented athletes in sport 

We recognise that there are young athletes in the borough who have attained or hope to attain, high standards of excellence in sport. The Linford Christie Young Athlete Grant is a scheme of financial help for these athletes. We welcome applications for small pieces of equipment, contributions towards coaching, competition, travel and training expenses.

Who can apply?

Young people between 10 and 23 years who have demonstrated a high level, or having potential of reaching a high level of attainment in their field.  Applicants must have been resident in Hammersmith & Fulham for a minimum of one year at the time of applying for the grant.

Applications involving Team Sports are more complicated: If you wish to submit an application for a young person involved in a team sport e.g. football, rugby, basketball; it is important to be able to identify the individual’s specific level of ability compared to their peers and not just listing the success of the team. This might be done by having been selected for trials, academies or receiving individual recognition.

How much money will be available?

The normal, maximum individual grant is £350. At all levels a reference from a coach, National Governing Body or Club representative is essential. (References from teachers or others, unable to confirm sporting ability will not be accepted.  References from relatives / friends are also not accepted.)

Categories for guidance: 

Up to £150 : Where a young person is at the early stage of their development and promising in terms of commitment and skill. Beginning to have good success at competition with their coach and others seeing greater potential.   

£150 - £250 : Where evidence is provided of excellent ability and an outstanding commitment to training. Should be attaining good performances at county and regional events. 

£250 - £350 : For those competing at National or International level. Training with NGB performance squads. (Grants of up to £500 can be awarded to those representing the country in elite events).


If we give you a grant, you have to tell us how you have used it and feed back on how it has helped you.

How to apply and timetable

To apply fill in the accompanying form and return it to: 
The Linford Christie Young Athlete Grant 
LBHF Sports Development 
First Floor Annex 
37 Pembroke Road  
London W8 6PW 

LCT Application Form

LCT Funding Criteria

LCT Reference Form

Applications will be processed within eight weeks of their receipt if references are received quickly.

How to keep track of your application 

Ask the Sports Development team:

 020 8753 3838