New booking system at Smugglers Way

From Monday 22 March 2021, residents will need to book a slot before visiting the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre by car or motorcycle (but not when dropping off waste on foot or by bicycle). The new six-month trial from Western RiversideĀ is being introduced to help reduce traffic levels in Smugglers Way.

You can start booking slots from Monday 15 March 2021. Find out more in Western Riverside's FAQs.

Small electrical items recycling

Changes in waste and recycling services due to coronavirus

View our service update page for the latest advice on our recycling and rubbish services including bulky waste collections and street cleaning.

Bring your small electrical items to be recycled at one of the 18 recycling sites across the borough.

Reuse your electrical goods

If your electrical appliance is still in working order, pass it on to someone else who could use it. Try advertising your appliance on the H&F group of Freecycle or give it away to a neighbour using Street Bank.

Recycle your electrical goods

Bring your small electrical items to be recycled at one of the 19 recycling sites across the borough. These are known as WEEE banks.

External bank locations:

  • Peterborough Road junction with Sulivan Court, SW6 3DL
  • Eel Brook Common, New King's Road, SW6 4SG
  • Entrance to Waitrose Car Park, Heckfield Place, SW6 5BE
  • Durrell Road junction with Fulham Park Road, SW6 5LQ
  • Dawes Road/Junction of Aintree Street, SW6 7QZ
  • Outside Clem Attlee Estate, opposite Norman Croft Primary School, Lillie Road, SW6 7RZ
  • Brackenbury Road junction with Goldhawk Road, W6 0BQ
  • Beside Premier Inn, King Street, W6 9LU
  • Uxbridge Road, opposite Askew Crescent, Uxbridge Road, W12 0NE
  • Outside the Egyptian House, 95 Bloemfontein Road, W12 7DA

Internal bin locations:

  • Fulham Library, 598 Fulham Road, SW6 5NX
  • Hammersmith Library, Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7AT
  • Old Oak Housing Association, 43-45 Erconwald Street, W12 0BP
  • Shepherds Bush Library, 6 Wood Lane, W12 7BF
  • Askew Road Library, 87/91 Askew Road, W12 9AS
  • Avonmore Library and Community Centre, North End Crescent, W14 8TG

The banks accept unwanted (working or broken) small, portable electrical items, for example, electrical tools, radios, hair dryers, kettles, computer keyboards, small laptops and mobile phones.

Some retailers will also accept your small electrical appliances for recycling when you buy new ones. Visit the Recycle Now website, to find out which stores offer a take-back service.

For larger items that will that will not fit easily into the bins and banks please see:

Recycling larger electrical appliances and white goods

Did you know?

  • on average, each person in the UK buys 2.8 new electrical items a year
  • over 27 million mobile phones were sold in the UK over the past year which is equal to nearly 3,500 tonnes of electrical waste
  • in the past year, nearly 173 million electrical items were sold in the UK.

You can help us save money by recycling your electrical appliances! Electrical appliances are mostly made of plastic and metal, with small amounts of many other substances, some of which may harm the environment. Reusing and recycling is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of these products.