Recycling bring sites

There are more than 40 public recycling sites across the borough with Smart Banks and some with textile recycling banks.

Where’s my nearest recycling site?

Find out where your nearest Smart Bank recycling site is by visiting the Recycle Now website.

Please keep up the good work and recycle as much as you can. Recycling also protects natural resources, saves energy and creates jobs. Visit the Recycle Western Riverside website, to find out more about the benefits of recycling.

What can I put in the Smart Bank?

Please use the Smart Bank for:

  • clean and empty mixed glass and jars (take metal lids off and put them loose in your recycling)
  • clean and dry unshredded paper, card and cardboard
  • clean and empty plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (please squash and keep plastic lids on)
  • clean and empty cartons (please squash and keep plastic lids on)
  • clean and empty tins and cans.

Please remember to:

  • give bottles, jars, cans and cartons a quick rinse
  • flatten cardboard boxes
  • squash plastic bottles and cartons, and put plastic lids back on.

It’s important to keep other items out of the Smart Bank. If it is contaminated with other items, it may be incinerated rather than being recycled.

Please put items into the Smart Bank loose, not in bags. The collection crew may mistake black bags for rubbish and the recycling may be sent to landfill.

To help keep the banks looking smart, please take your left over bags and boxes homes. Crashing bottles are noisy, so only use banks between 9am and 8pm. If the banks are full please don't leave your recycling next to them – let us know on 020 8753 1100 or email

Contact us

call Cleaner Greener Hotline on 020 8753 1100