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Information about the regeneration of Hammersmith town centre.

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Artist's impression of Hammersmith town centre

We are determined to work with local residents and businesses to improve the experience of living, working and visiting Hammersmith town centre.

The town centre is a key contributor to the economy of west London, representing one of west London’s most important commercial centres as well as the primary retail destination for many of the borough’s residents. It is also an important centre for arts, entertainment and public administration.

Hammersmith town centre

In recent years there has been growing interest in development opportunities in the town centre. Substantial developments are now complete at 10-12 Hammersmith Grove, the former Kings Mall car park (Sovereign Court) and Bechtel House (245 Hammersmith Road). Planning applications have also been approved for redevelopment of the town hall extension site and Landmark House. There are also new residential and mixed use developments outside the town centre that are now complete at Hammersmith Embankment (known as Fulham Reach), and Queens Wharf and Riverside Studios.

There has also been significant investment in the public open spaces that has resulted in the provision of St Paul’s Green and Lyric Square. We are keen to build on the success of this recent investment and continue regenerating parts of the town centre.

Flyunder project and Hammersmith Gyratory

Over the last few years we have been working with Transport for London (TfL) to develop options to remove the Hammersmith Flyover and replace it with a flyunder tunnel. It could provide considerable benefits in reconnecting the town centre to the river and greatly improve the environment in the town centre. However, there is a significant gap between the cost of delivering the flyunder project and the money that can be raised through development to fund it. We are continuing to work closely with TfL.

Included within the flyunder feasibility study undertaken in 2015 was the option to replace the gyratory with two way traffic, which provided the opportunity to create a new area of open space on one side of the gyratory. With the assistance of TfL we will continue to run a number of models to see if this is a viable option for the town centre on its own, as it could provide considerable public open space improvements.

Hammersmith town centre masterplan and residents’ working party (HRWP)

To provide an opportunity to help shape the future of Hammersmith, in 2015 the Hammersmith residents’ working party (HRWP) was set up by the council. A group of 25 residents from central Hammersmith and surrounding areas were invited to join this working party to act as an advisory body to support the creation of a resident led vision and masterplan for Hammersmith town centre. In 2016 Grimshaw Architects were commissioned to develop the masterplan alongside input from members of the HRWP.

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The Hammersmith residents’ working party (HRWP) with the Mayor of H&F, Cllr Daryl Brown

Throughout preparation of the masterplan, Grimshaw’s and the council worked closely with members of the HRWP through hosting a series of workshops and events. Alongside input from the HRWP, a number of other key stakeholders were involved in the process.

HRWP masterplan workshops took place from 2015 to 2019 and included the following key topics:

  • visioning workshop to establish the vision
  • discussion on character areas, heritage, critical connections, opportunity sites, height and massing, views and land use to establish key principles and objectives
  • height and massing options
  • sustainability and design guidelines
  • the Local Plan policies
  • meetings with TfL on gyratory reconfiguration options including site visit to Elephant and Castle gyratory
  • meeting with applicants on major planning applicants in Hammersmith
  • workshop with Create Streets
  • presentation of draft masterplan and proposals.

The HRWP were integral to creating the masterplan and their involvement in this process has provided great insight and a strong community led vision for the future of Hammersmith.

The masterplan is now complete and seeks to:

  • promote delivery of the flyunder and reconfiguration of the gyratory to redesign central Hammersmith
  • deliver new housing and jobs including affordable housing and workspace
  • improve the quality of the public realm and pedestrian environment
  • enhance movement and connections to the river and to key landmarks and spaces within the town centre
  • create a green and healthy town centre, improving air quality, biodiversity and open space
  • improve the retail and cultural offer to strengthen identity.

Read the Hammersmith town centre vision statement (pdf 6.1MB)

Read the Hammersmith town centre masterplan 2019 (pdf 72MB) 

Hammersmith town centre Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Based on the residents led vision and proposals in the masterplan, a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is currently being prepared that will support the strategic policy for Hammersmith town centre in the Local Plan. The Local Plan (2018) is the development plan for the whole borough against which all planning applications are assessed. The Local Plan identifies Hammersmith town centre as a regeneration area capable of delivering 2,800 new homes and 10,000 new jobs. Once the SPD is adopted, it will become a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in the town centre.

We anticipate public consultation on the draft Hammersmith town centre SPD and masterplan to begin in winter 2019-20. Please get in touch if you would like to receive notification when the SPD is published for consultation.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding Hammersmith town centre, email Iocalplan@lbhf.gov.uk

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