Street naming and numbering

How can we help you?

We may be able to help if you are having address problems with:

  • postal deliveries
  • utility connections or billing issues
  • obtaining credit.

...or if you're involved in:

  • property development
  • refurbishing or converting buildings
  • changing the use of a building, for example from commercial to residential.

What do we do?

Some of these problems may arise because Royal Mail doesn't hold a correct address. Royal Mail will only amend its database on our recommendation so changes should be directed to us in the first instance. Royal Mail is, however, solely responsible for the allocation of postcodes.

If the matter concerns an error within our database, the problem can often be fixed immediately. If the problem lies with Royal Mail's information, it can take at least a week.

Contact us to get your address fixed.

If a new name or number must be assigned to a street, premises or development, then a series of consultations must be carried out with the:

  • Metropolitan Police
  • London Fire Brigade
  • London Ambulance Service
  • Royal Mail.

This is to avoid duplication which may cause confusion and lead to possible misdirection for emergency services and delays in postal deliveries. This process often takes up to 10 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the development.

It is therefore advisable that the naming and numbering of new streets and buildings is applied for well in advance of their occupation to avoid delays to the provision of utilities and other services.

Our current fees effective from 1 April 2023

Fees for street naming and numbering services
Function Fee
Initial addressable unit £200
Additional addressable units £70
New or change to building name £140
New or change to street name £400
Address verification £90

The cost for the initial unit in any development or change of address is £200.

The cost of each additional unit is £70.

The cost for a new or change of building name is £140.

The cost for a new or change to street name is £400.

For example, a house which is divided into two flats will cost £200 for the first new addressable unit and £70 for the second new addressable unit. The overall cost for this work will be £270. If the house is given a name, then that will be an additional £140. Therefore, the cost of the total work is £440.

If you need written address verification beyond the original street naming and numbering documentation provided, to give the Land Registry or credit or mortgages companies for example, this costs £90.

How to pay

You can pay the fee by credit or debit cards.

Due to the coronavirus our offices are not open and we cannot accept postal applications or cheques at the moment.

To pay by credit card or debit card please call us on 07776 672750, and we will take your card details over the phone or you can pay via BACs.

Contact us to discuss the charge for your development and avoid delays to your application.

Application forms

If you're the owner or developer and want to apply for street naming and numbering, fill in our application form, scan it and email it back to us.

Please also attach the site plan of the property in question indicating the main entrances.

Please also ensure to refer to the London Fire Brigade SNN rules (pdf 51KB). We consult closely with the LFB and adhere to these rules and regulations.

Contact details

Call us on 07776 672750.