Duty planner advice service

Book an appointment for informal advice on some planning issues.

If you have checked our frequently asked questions page and have been unable to find the answer to your question, we operate planning advice telephone service through which you can get advice on some planning issues.

How we can help you

The duty planner is intended to help you by:

  • explaining our planning policies
  • giving general advice on permitted development rights
  • explain which type of application is necessary for a proposal.

The duty planner will not be available to:

  • give any form of pre-application advice
  • discuss the merits of a current or recently determined applications or appeals
  • consider minor amendments to planning permissions.


The service costs £180 for half an hour meeting by telephone or Microsoft Teams. If you require a follow up summary note we will charge an additional fee of £70.

Contact us

If cannot find the information you need on our website and you wish to book a duty planner meeting, please call 020 8753 1081. A meeting will be booked usually take place within a few days.

Please supply your name, contact telephone number, email address, site address and a brief overview of the advice you are seeking.

Any advice given by the duty planner does not indicate a formal decision by the council. Any views or opinions expressed are given in good faith and to the best of our ability. The opinions are without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application.

We currently offer free advice for residents interested in retrofitting their home to reduce carbon emissions.

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