Email notifications for planning and licensing

Our current email alert system for planning and licensing applications is no longer supported and is stopping soon.

We are encouraging subscribers to move to using Public Access, the planning and licensing search and database already on our website which provides a similar email notification service.

Registering for Public Access allows you to search for planning or licensing applications according to the week or month in which they were validated or decided.

Once you have registered, you can search for applications you are interested in and add them to your tracked applications list.

When applications that you are tracking are modified a notification will appear on the notified applications page and you will be sent a notification email.

How to set up your notifications

Sign up for notifications

To do a simple search click on the search dropdown list, select licensing or planning and choose simple search. You can enter a keyword, reference number, postcode, or a line of an address.

To do an advanced search click on the search dropdown list, select licensing or planning and choose advanced. You can then enter your search criteria.

You can save your search and choose to be notified via email about any new results for your saved searches if you have registered for an account. You can also go back to your saved searches tab to re-run the same search at any time.

We will publish some handy guides to help you make the most of the planning and licensing application database including the map search for planning applications.

(Unfortunately the map search for licensing is not working yet, we hope to provide this functionality in the future.)

For further information contact the planning or licensing team at or or call 020 8753 1081.

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