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Reach 200,000 visitors every month for as little as £10 a day on www.lbhf.gov.uk.

We have in excess of one million unique page views a month. Where else can you reach that number of visitors?

Advertise on the Hammersmith & Fulham Council website. Say what you want to say to the whole borough!

High traffic pages Dedicated advertising sections

Maximise your audience through the following pages:

  • Main homepage
  • Parking
  • Planning
  • Council tax
  • Jobs
  • Children and young people and many more!

Providing an opportunity to target specific sectors and clientele (page views per month per section):

  • Families (30,148)
  • Births, deaths and marriages 
    Births (783) 
    Deaths (350) 
    Marriages (4,158)
  • Sport (13,501)
For data on overall visitors and page views please click on website statistics
Data for the top 10 traffic pages is available below.


"We have been a consistent advertiser on the LBHF web since autumn 2013. It has delivered a good level of traffic to our website, and encouraging levels of membership have accrued." 
Tim Slater, The Park Club

"A great place to advertise our many children's fairs across the borough. It creates great awareness!" 
John Parnham, Parnham's Fairs


A combined leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels for desktop display) and MPU (300 x 250 pixels for smartphone display) per month. Unique page view figures are shown in brackets*.

Main homepage (74,021) £350
Other top 10 website sections:  
Parking (15,215) £250
Planning (12,639) £250
Council tax (9,661) £250
Jobs (6,432) £250
Housing (5,235) £250
Business (4,006) £250
Children and young people (3,731) £250
Libraries (3,551) £250
Benefits (3,440) £250
Sport (2,882) £250
Other sections/pages By negotiation

* Unique page views for January 2015

For more information please contact

Hammersmith & Fulham Council advertising sales
020 8753 6597

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