White City firm captures carbon gases from sky to help the planet

Pioneering air capture system shows that H&F is leading the way with climate technology businesses.

Carbon removal technology being developed at the Airhive labs at Scale Space, White City
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A groundbreaking carbon removal technology is making waves in our White City Innovation District.

Company Airhive – based at Scale Space in Wood Lane – is developing a cost-effective method to capture harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Its air capture system can extract carbon dioxide faster and more efficiently than ever before, making the system a game-changer in the fight against climate change.

Founded by a team of engineers and climate technology experts, the firm moved into White City last year to expand their business.

Rory Brown, co-founder of Airhive, said:

We're incredibly impressed by H&F’s enthusiasm for and support of top tier innovation spaces. The borough – whether at the Scale Space in White City or Arc at Fulham Reach – is becoming a key centre for science and technology startups not just in London, but nationally.

Scale Space in Wood Lane, W12

Scrubbing the air

The technology works like a super-charged air purifier for the planet.

By blowing air through a bed of carbon-absorbing minerals, it creates a sandstorm effect that ‘scrubs’ the air and captures 100% of the toxic gas in the process.

The captured carbon – up to 1,000 tonnes a year – can then be stored safely underground or used in a variety of products, including fizzy drinks, dry ice and sustainable aviation fuel.

Working alongside industry leaders like Deep Sky and partnering with companies such as Coca-Cola, the technology is set to make a significant impact by helping companies across a range of sectors to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

Airhive's presence in White City further cements H&F’s position as a global hotspot for climate and green technologies.

Airhive's 1,000 tonne facility to be installed in late 2024 in partnership with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
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Leading the charge in climate tech

The company's innovative approach to Direct Air Capture (DAC) represents the pioneering green technologies emerging from H&F, where £1.1billion has been invested in climate-focused innovations since 2017.

The borough's commitment to climate innovation is further reinforced by the recent launch of London GreenCity in Fulham. Operating from their new waterfront campus, the business supports local enterprises in implementing green schemes throughout the community and beyond.

As both companies continue to grow, they're not only advancing climate technology but also contributing to local economic development.

With Airhive's plans to scale up to a 5,000-tonne facility by 2025 and London GreenCity's support for local green initiatives, H&F is set to attract even more investment and cement its position as a leader in climate action.

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Aerial view of the White City Innovation District

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