Big new fines for fly-tipping and littering in H&F crackdown

A new penalty will also deter rogue contractors from dumping waste.

Fly tip on the West Kensington estate

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has agreed hefty new fines for fly-tipping and littering to help make the borough cleaner.

The changes were agreed at a Cabinet meeting on Monday evening (3 June). The new penalties will act as a strong deterrent against local littering and fly-tipping that can blight neighbourhoods.

Here are the new charges:

  • The penalty for fly-tipping was increased from £200 to £1,000.
  • The penalty for littering was increased from £80 to £150.
  • A new penalty of £400 for households that pay an unregistered waste carrier to dispose of rubbish was introduced. Residents should always ask for a transfer note/receipt to help ensure that any waste will not be illegally dumped by a rogue contractor. More details below.

The new penalties will take effect on 1 July.

All funds collected from the new penalties will go towards the costs for the council to remove litter and fly-tipping, as well as the costs of enforcing the new rules.

Waste illegally dumped in Shepherds Bush by rogue contractors
Illegal dumping in Shepherds Bush

Report It

It’s never been easier for residents to tell the council about fly-tipping and litter problems.

Please use our ‘Report It’ service to report issues such as dumped rubbish, as well as dog mess and noise nuisance, to H&F directly.

Use the ‘Report It’ page of the council website here.

You can directly submit any issue or complaint, along with photographs and the exact location.

Check your waste carrier

Residents should always check that contractors clearing rubbish and taking away waste are registered with the Environment Agency.

Here’s how: 

  • Check the validity of a contractor’s waste licence at Waste Carriers, Brokers and Dealers (
  • Take a photograph of the licence. All waste carriers are required by law to carry their licence with them.
  • Keep a record of the waste transferred and obtain a receipt from the contractor.
  • Pay the waste carrier online or by other electronic methods. Paying in cash allows for greater anonymity and helps to fuel illegal dumping.

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