We’re seizing dumped e-bikes

Officers from our Law Enforcement Team and parking team have begun to proactively remove dumped e-bikes.

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Image: H&F Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) moving a TIER e-bike blocking the pavement

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has seized more than 100 dumped e-bikes this month to help keep pavements clear for all residents.

Officers from our Law Enforcement Team and Parking Team have begun to remove bikes that are parked in an illegal or anti-social way.

The council crackdown on e-bike bandits follows the rollout of a new designated reporting tool for H&F residents earlier this year.

Cllr Sharon Holder, H&F Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, said, “It’s great that more people are choosing to cycle rather than drive. But too many bikes are being parked dangerously on pavements, causing big problems for older and Disabled people and families pushing babies.

“We’re asking people who hire a bike to be considerate and park safely. And we’ve made it clear to the companies that they need to step up enforcement of the rules.”

You said, we did

Since its launch, H&F has received more than 1,500 reports of e-bikes blocking walkways and roads.

Last month, residents reported more than 400 illegally parked rental bikes, compared to 660 in May. The drastic decline follows our campaign to keep pavements clear and accessible to all residents.

If the operators fail to remove their bikes, the council will do it, with operators being charged for the addtional cost of seizing and storing the confiscated bikes.

Residents can continue to report wrongly parked bikes via H&F Report It (desktop), or on a smart phone using the H&F Report It Love Clean Streets app (download the app from here).

Find our step-by-step guide on how to report.

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A Lime e-bike blocking the pavement in Langthorne Street, Fulham

Parking bays

Clogged up pavements are inconvenient for anyone. But they present a significant challenge to wheelchair and stroller users.

So, please remember to park your bike considerately or – preferably – in a designated parking bay. It's the only certain legal way to end an e-scooter or e-bike ride in H&F.

Use the Lime, Dott, TIER and HumanForest apps to check where you can park.

It is the rental companies’ responsibility to ensure that vehicles are parked correctly, and pavement obstructions cleared as swiftly as possible. But if they fail to act, we are stepping in.

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