Cheers! Make mine a pint of science in your local pub

Do you thirst for knowledge – but want something a bit more interactive than watching documentaries on the telly? If so, treat yourself to a night in the pub.

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The Durrell Arms - one of the pubs hosting Pint of Science nights

Do you thirst for knowledge – but want something a bit more interactive than watching documentaries on the telly? If so, treat yourself to a night in the pub.

A Pint of Science is a series of presentations in Hammersmith & Fulham which forms part of a worldwide science festival, presenting scientific discoveries and developments in your local.

You don’t need to have any deep scientific wisdom to enjoy listening to experts expound – just an inquiring mind will do.

A non-profit scheme which links 2,000 UK scientists, the H&F lectures each run from 7.30pm across three nights in May, and you can stay on to chat to like-minded folk at the bar until closing time.

Tickets are just £5. Book your tickets here.

Monday 22 May
The Cross Keys, Black Lion Lane, Hammersmith W6

The Unloved Animal Club puts the spotlight on conservation dilemmas. PhD student Ceri Webster asks who the real predator is – shark or man, revealing that sharks have been swimming the oceans for longer than trees have existed! Then Flemming Ulf-Hansen discusses the persecuted hen harrier in a raptor reintroduction debate, before Henry Grub from Imperial College London confronts the thorny issue of badger culling.

Tuesday 23 May
Rutland Arms, riverfront at 15 Lower Mall, Hammersmith W6

Dr Enrica Pellegrino and Dr Julien Bergeron will take you on a scientific tour of the world of bacterial infections, and the war between host cells and pathogens. Includes live music from Julien’s band, Structure 2 Function.

22 and 23 May
The Duchess, 320 Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush W12

The ChatGPT evening on 24 May is already sold out! But tickets are still available for the 22 May evening on Brain, Body and Bots, exploring the potential of our minds.

And you can still squeeze in to the 23 May event on The Intelligence of Robotic Bodies, where speakers include Prof Thrishanta Nanayakkara’s analysis on how brain and body work in harmony. He should know, he’s Imperial College’s Professor of Robotics.

22, 23 and 24 May
The Elm, 206 North End Road, Fulham SW6

Bending Perceptions studies the world of mind-bendingly small objects on 22 May, while on 23 May two Imperial boffins speculate about humans one day inhabiting Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, as well as analysing the Sun. The following night, on 24 May, The Elm hosts three scientists who relate ocean currents, photosynthesis and nuclear explosions to climate change, and in particular whether water could save the planet. 

22, 23 and 24 May
Durell Arms, 704 Fulham Road, Fulham SW6

Learn about malaria science on 22 May as three experts reveal the latest developments in the deadly parasites’ war on human immune systems.

The following night, 23 May, there’s the perfect bedtime discussion as Dr Giorgio Gilestro and Prof Jason Rihel explore the mysteries of sleep, and the differences in sleep patterns between the species.

Then on 24 May it’s Cell Wars as three guest speakers analyse the latest developments in the battle against cancer.

22, 23 and 24 May
Lillie Langtry, 19 Lillie Road, Fulham SW6

The topics are – in order – being Bioengineering (regrowing damaged tissue), Bouncing Back from the Pandemic (what have we learned?), and A Journey to Life (the story of cell development).

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