How H&F is building a dementia-friendly community

H&F Council is supporting H&F in becoming a dementia-friendly community.

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Image 1 from left to right: Kate Sergeant (Dementia Connect at the Alzheimer's Society), Jo Baty (H&F Assistant Director of Adult Social Care and Dementia Lead), Maddy Alemayehu (Director of Home Instead, Hammersmith and Chiswick) and Peggy Coles (H&F Dementia Action Alliance Coordinator) in front of the dementia minibus

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is supporting H&F in becoming a dementia-friendly community.

Earlier this year, H&F cabinet members committed to H&F’s new Dementia Strategy, pledging to work towards increasing diagnosis rates, offering a range of dementia-specific and inclusive activities, reducing social isolation, and providing clear and accessible support.

It is estimated that more than 1,300 residents aged 65 or over are currently living with dementia in H&F. This number is predicted to increase by 42 per cent to 1,900 residents by 2030.

“We’re continuing to support H&F in becoming a dementia-friendly community,” said Cllr Ben Coleman, Deputy Leader of H&F.

“Together, we’ll ensure that H&F is a borough that not only serves and supports residents with dementia, but also their families, carers and neighbours who put so much into their care and comfort.”

Dementia bus

Recently, to help raise awareness about dementia, local home care company, Home Instead Hammersmith and Chiswick, in partnership with the H&F Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) and supported by H&F Council, organised a visit from ‘The Virtual Dementia Tour'.

The minibus stopped in Parsons Green, Fulham, and at St Paul’s Gardens, Hammersmith.

Local residents and workers were all able to take a turn in the immersive sensory experience which gives users an understanding of the cognitive challenges faced by people living with dementia.

The bus highlights what simple changes can be made in residents’ day-to-day environments to improve the lives of those living with dementia.

"The Virtual Dementia experience had a lasting impact on me,” said Peggy Coles, of H&F’s Dementia Action Alliance.

“It increased my empathy and gave me more of an understanding about supporting the critically important role of the carer.”

Participants were also able to ask about anticipating the needs of residents living with dementia and why person-centred care is key.

Work with us

H&F would like residents living with dementia, and their families and carers, to help us co-produce improvements to dementia services, therapies and support.

If you would like to get involved or share your thoughts, please email:

Become a Dementia Friend today

You can also support residents living with dementia in H&F by becoming a Dementia Friend.

Become a Dementia Friend today – it only takes a minute.

Please use the Hammersmith & Fulham code ‘LBH21413’ and postcode ‘W6 8DA’ when registering.

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