H&F CCTV upgrade launches in White City

H&F’s fight against crime has stepped up again with works to modernise the borough's CCTV system now underway.

CCTV control room with lots of screens showing live CCTV footage from a street in Hammersmith & Fulham

H&F's CCTV system is set to become more technologically advanced as cameras across the borough receive upgrades

CCTV camera installation in progress, showing a construction worker on a lift working on a CCTV camera on a streetlight

White City's CCTV camera upgrade in progress

Hammersmith & Fulham’s fight against crime has stepped up again with works to modernise the borough's CCTV system now underway.

The scheme will see state-of-the-art upgrades to the borough’s extensive camera network, with fully automated 360-degree cameras set to help improve coverage and, as a result, residents’ safety.

It follows the council’s decision to invest £5.4million in improving its CCTV network and infrastructure over the next five years.

Commenting on the launch, Cllr Rebecca Harvey, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion and Community Safety, said: “We’re determined to deliver London’s most efficient, effective and forward-thinking CCTV system.

“It’s part of the proactive steps H&F is taking to protect women and girls, reduce crime and make our streets safer for our residents, businesses and visitors.”

White City upgrades

Following a thorough condition survey of H&F’s CCTV network, the works commenced in White City earlier this month.

The first set of cameras to receive the upgrade are located in Australia Road, Bloemfontein Road, Commonwealth Avenue, India Way, New Zealand Way, and South Africa Road.

The new technology removes the need to manually position the cameras, and no longer limits them to facing one direction only.

It means that the cameras can now monitor the wider area and, if needed, capture footage to help identify criminal activity.

The works also include improvements to the CCTV control equipment and other infrastructure including the renewal of damaged CCTV fibre.

Phase one will be completed by the end of October, with the next phase set to begin in early 2023.

Construction worker on a crane working on a CCTV camera attached to a streetlight

CCTV cameras being upgraded on Commonwealth Avenue, W12

Council investment

H&F already has the highest density of CCTV cameras per person compared to any local authority in the UK.

They are linked to H&F’s central control room and monitored by our CCTV team every day, 24/7, who help identify criminals and instruct the Metropolitan Police and H&F’s Law Enforcement Team to take action if necessary.

There are currently more than 1,850 cameras in public spots across the borough, including:

  • 581 cameras in public areas
  • 1,209 on housing estates and
  • 79 mobile, deployable cameras which can be quickly located anywhere across the borough, including CCTV vans.

Take a look inside an H&F CCTV van

This upgrade will make H&F home to not only the most extensive CCTV system in the country, but also the most technologically advanced.

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