H&F has 1,000 e-bikes in the borough for hire

Hammersmith & Fulham now has more than 1,000 electric bicycles available to hire.

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H&F Mayor, Cllr Emma Apthorp, riding an electric bicycle in Fulham

Hammersmith & Fulham now has more than 1,000 electric bicycles available to hire.

We hit the milestone yesterday (Monday 13 June) as H&F became the first west London borough to offer TIER’s new rental e-bikes.

“This is another important moment on the journey to becoming a greener and more accessible borough,” said H&F Mayor, Cllr Emma Apthorp.

“H&F’s new electric bicycles will allow more residents to make their essential journeys in a cleaner and healthier way.”

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Georgia Yexley (left), general manager of Tier Mobility UK and Ireland, with H&F's Mayor Cllr Emma Apthorp (right)

Local perks

After DottHumanForest and Lime, TIER is the fourth company to launch electric bicycles in the borough this year.

To celebrate the arrival of the 250 new e-bikes, residents were invited to test their e-cycling skills in Fulham’s Jerdan Place on Monday (13 June).

As a special perk to local residents, first time riders can use promo code ‘HFTIER’ to get 20 free minutes plus no unlocking fee for your first two rides.

The new dockless e-rides can be hired from nearly 40 parking locations across the borough, with 40 further ones soon to be rolled out. You can also start and end your ride in Islington, Lambeth, Southwark and Kensington & Chelsea.

Meanwhile, we’re ensuring that H&F’s cycle infrastructure supports the needs of cyclists across all levels of skills and experience, to help enable healthy and active lifestyles for all residents. Read about our recently-upgraded cycle lane in Shepherds Bush.

Fast and clean

At 15p per minute, £1 to unlock and zero emissions, H&F’s new e-bikes provide an affordable solution to help clean our air, keep fit and enjoy our beautiful borough.

Learn more about our full range of electric rental vans, bikes or scooters here.

As petrol and diesel prices skyrocket, ditching your car to cycle shorter journeys can help you get around the borough faster and more cheaply.

The average speed of a car travelling in London is only 11 miles per hour. So, if you don’t need to drive, electric bicycles can be a great alternative.

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