Remembering Gary Fairbairn

Tributes and donations are flooding in to honour local resident Gary Fairbairn.

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Gary Fairbairn (pictured left) with his twin brother Robert. ARCHIVE PHOTO

Tributes and donations are flooding in to honour local resident Gary Fairbairn who passed away at the weekend, aged 56.

Gary and his twin brother Robert were well known in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith as they were frequently spotted out and about on their mobility scooters – always happy to have a friendly chat or offer a wave.

Indira Guzman, who set up a donations appeal to help cover the cost of Gary’s funeral, said: “My family and I have known Gary for around 10 years now as one of our neighbours. Since we first spoke, the joy and radiance that he possessed and shared were like no other. His sunshine will continue in our memories.

“When he went out with his brother Robert, they always were kind to everyone they met. We need more kindness in the world like his.

“My family and I are hoping to give Gary the send-off that he deserves. Please help us raise money for such a beautiful man who is relying on our kindness now.”

To donate to Gary’s funeral expenses, visit the Go Fund Me website.

A kind heart

Another of his neighbours, Vanessa Reyes, said: “When we first arrived in our apartment block 11 years ago, before Gary and Robert had arrived, they announced “Hello neighbour! We are going to be your downstairs neighbour!”

“From that moment, I saw their happiness and radiance. It was impossible not to see it.

“I began visiting them every day. Gary would do the cooking and Robert would do the washing. Even doing chores, Gary would smile and joke around, calling me his ‘girlfriend’ whilst Robert called me his ‘mama’.

“Gary had a kind heart. In all that time, I never saw him sad. He would accompany me to pick up my children as he loved listening to music loud in my car and playing around with the children at the school. He said my family became his family; he had so much love to give. On special occasions, I would always make enough for Gary and Robert; they became part of my family too.

“Gary loved when I brought my friends to visit him – he loved meeting new people.

“I would find it a pleasure to visit them daily and make them tea – Gary’s simple pleasure. He called me every day to talk to me. Even if I just brought him a banana, he would be so thankful.

“What I remember most is his smile. All pictures of him capture his beautiful smile. I will always remember his good heart. He was always happy, a happiness that he shared with the world.

“He was so special with me, bringing me flowers monthly, not caring if it wasn’t a special occasion. He would stand outside my balcony and honk his horn.”

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