New multi-agency group better protects residents from crime

A new partnership of organisations is helping to tackle anti-social behaviour and hate crime while protecting H&F’s residents.

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The police, council and other agencies are joining forces to better protect borough's residents against crime

Residents can live safer, happier lives after H&F Council teamed up with other organisations to create a special group to tackle anti-social behaviour and hate crime. 

The Hammersmith & Fulham Community Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (CMARAC) was set up so organisations could share information on complex, high-risk cases to better address residents’ concerns.

The group includes organisations such as the council, police, fire brigade, ambulance service, social services, drug and alcohol services, mental health services and more.

“It’s our priority to protect residents and this new group helps by ensuring critical information is shared between the necessary organisations,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader.

“Complex cases require collaborative working and by aligning everyone through the CMARAC allows us the chance for earlier interventions and better outcomes.”

Last week, H&F Council hosted an event in the Mayor’s Parlour to thank members of the public who’d been affected by anti-social behaviour for their support in helping the council tackle the issue.

More than 40 people attended, including Cllr Fennimore and many residents, who were commended for their courage, perseverance, and partnership.

Supporting victims, reducing risk

The CMARAC reviews cases to ensure suitable action is taken and manages the perpetrators as well as supporting victims.

The group was formed as the borough had seen growing numbers of anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases involving complicated safeguarding and mental health elements and rising numbers of hate crime allegations.

Charities can also be involved with the aim of tackling issues before someone becomes a victim by better managing and reducing risk.

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