H&F Council continues to oppose expansion at Heathrow

Is the expansion of Heathrow Airport justified? Health and noise campaigners warn the impact on the surrounding area could pose long-term risks for the airport's neighbours.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council continues to oppose expansion at Heathrow and has supported a resident-led commission to investigate the potential effects of an extra runway.

Both the commission and the council have responded to the Airports Commission consultation, raising concerns over the fear of further blight on residents’ lives.

Resident-led H&F Commission

The final report by a group of local residents investigating the possible expansion of Heathrow Airport was sent to the Airports Commission at the end of January 2015.

View the HFCAE report online

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Or download a PDF version: Resident-led H&F Commission report (pdf 875KB)

H&F Council's own consultation response

H&F Council’s own response to the consultation was submitted to the Airports Commission in early February. Click below to read the document.

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Or download a PDF version: H&F Council Airports Commission consultation report (pdf 74KB)

Here are the latest updates in the ongoing debate: