Assessments and paying for care

A care assessment will help us to decide if you need support and whether you are eligible for funding.

Whether you are eligible for help with care and support is decided by national criteria set out in the Care Act.

If you think you need some support to manage day-to-day tasks, it can be useful to talk through your situation with someone who can offer suggestions to make things easier. This process is called an assessment.

Different organisations can help with assessments. You can apply for an assessment from us, or you can approach a private assessment agency or independent community organisation.

You have a right to be assessed for free by us if you appear to need care and support in your day-to-day life. You have this right to be assessed regardless of your financial situation, or whether we think you will then be eligible for support from us.

You can ask us for an assessment yourself, or be referred by someone you know, or by a professional who is already involved in your care, such as a GP, community nurse, or mental health nurse. If you are being referred by someone else, that person should have discussed and agreed this with you in advance.

The assessment will help us to then decide if you do need care and support, and whether you are eligible for funding from us towards the cost of that care and support. If you have been assessed by us as requiring long term community care and support then you are likely to be eligible for a personal budget.

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If you are a provider of care in west London – you can see the rates for care via the west London dynamic purchasing system here, DPS-Price-Bands-2021 PDF (

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