Parcels Not Pollution voucher scheme 

We’re offering local businesses and organisations the chance to use our pollution-busting courier delivery service for free.

Businesses, charities, organisations and market stallholders can now apply for the new H&F voucher scheme which gives them £250 to spend on deliveries with our popular Parcels Not Pollution service.

Apply for a £250 voucher

The zero emissions e-cargobike initiative, in partnership with Hammersmith BID, helps local businesses to lower their carbon emissions and remove polluting van journeys from our streets by using an electric cargo bike to make deliveries.

It forms part of the urgent action we are taking as a council to make H&F the greenest borough in the UK as we tackle the climate emergency.

Voucher scheme

Local businesses can use the voucher for all types of deliveries, from outgoing deliveries to other businesses or customers to incoming deliveries and more across the whole of London.

One hundred £250 vouchers will be available to businesses in H&F on a first-come-first-served basis.

Check out our FAQs below to find out more about our new voucher scheme.

For any further queries, please contact or call 020 8960 9848. 


  • What is an e-cargo bike?

    An e-cargo bike is an electrically assisted long wheelbase bike designed to carry goods in a lockable boxes. It has a maximum speed of 25kmph (15.5mph).

  • What can e-cargo bikes carry and deliver?

    Put simply, e-cargo bikes will carry anything that will fit in 350 litres of load space and weighs no more than 100kg.

    What does 350 litres look like? Think of a box 60cm wide x 60cm high x 70cm long.

    The bike box is secured with a key lock. The box (in standard guise) is at an ambient temperature. Other boxes are provided for chilled/frozen or hot and compartmentalized for different types of clients.

    There is also a range of trailers for the bikes to increase the load we can transport.

  • How much does it cost?

    After you have used up your £250 voucher, deliveries cost from £3 per delivery depending on requirement, distance, volume and level of urgency. Just like a normal delivery service.

  • What are the advantages compared to a van?

    One of the main advantages of the service is that it comes with a rider so no need to train staff to drive a van. The service also has lower running costs compared to a van so no congestion charges, fuel or maintenance costs. It is also faster than a van as the bike can avoid traffic.

    By using e-cargo bikes you can cut local air pollution levels and do your bit to reduce your business's carbon emissions in the fight against climate change. Using this service can help a business achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility goals as well as helping the borough to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

  • How fast can the bikes go?

    By law, an e-cargo bike can travel up to 15.5mph. In London traffic, we record average speeds of up to 13.5mph. Research from INRIX shows the final mile speed in London for vans and cars is 11mph. 

  • Are my products safe with you?

    Each load our bike carries is insured up to £10,000.

    E-cargobikes personal and corporate insurance liability is £10,000,000.

    Fully trained riders are DBS checked. Ltd are Registered in England with Company No. 10497544, Ltd, VAT No. 280 5390 03.

    We can’t accept any liability for items that are poorly packaged.

  • More info on e-cargobikes

    The delivery service is provided by e-cargobikes. They:

    • have been working in the borough for several years
    • are environmental award winners (Ashden 2020 Award for Clean Air in UK Towns and Cities)
    • are a non-gig economy employer
    • pay their employees the London Living Wage
    • are a zero-emissions solution (all energy consumed to charge bike batteries, light and power building etc all comes from certified renewable energy providers)
    • use e-cargobikes, not trikes, so are nimble in traffic and can park directly outside the customer's house or flat 
    • employ locally.