Major emergency incidents

We will put information for you on our homepage in the event of any major emergency incident in the borough.

This will be updated as new information becomes available.

Always dial 999 in an emergency where there is danger to life or there is a crime in progress.

What are our procedures for managing emergency incidents?

Our civil protection team have produced a document called the Hammersmith & Fulham Emergency Management Plan (pdf 860KB), that says how we will manage our existing resources to deal with major emergencies in the borough, and Greater London.

It sets out our management arrangements for emergencies, and says who will carry them out.

How will we respond in the first instance?

In an emergency where we need to get involved, one of the emergency services (normally the police) will contact our duty officer and ask for our emergency planning officer.

We will send a local authority liaison officer, known as a LALO, to the emergency and they will act on our behalf.

Who manages us in an emergency?

Our emergency planning officer may decide to bring together our incident management team who will manage us in an emergency.

He or she will choose a recovery manager to put together a service recovery team if any of our services are affected so that we can still run important services.

Our communications section will support both these teams and make sure they give you and our staff relevant information about the situation.

In more serious, larger or ongoing incidents, we will get help from our crisis management team to look at the long-term effects of the emergency and how we will deal with them.

What about emergencies that affect large areas of London?

During emergencies that affect many or large parts of London, the local authorities in London will work together to deal with the situation as one authority.

Local authority chief executives take turns to be on-call and in charge of the authorities with the support of the London Local Authority Co-ordination Centre. All boroughs that haven’t been affected will work to support those who have.

More information

If you require more information please phone our civil protection team at:

To find out more about the Civil Contingencies visit the GOV.UK website.

Visit London Prepared for the latest London-wide information.


Life-threatening emergencies:

Emergency out of hours information