An overview of our policy and accountability committees and how scrutiny works in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Policy and Oversight Board and the Policy and Accountability Committees

H&F Council has a Policy and Oversight Board which oversees the scrutiny work of six committees, called Policy and Accountability Committees (PACs).

Through the Board and the PACs, the Council is committed to public engagement and working with residents in developing policy and the Council’s decision-making process.

The committees consist of councillors who do not sit on the Council’s executive. Some of the committees also have co-opted members representing residents groups, local experts, and the wider community.

The Policy and Oversight Board and the Policy and Accountability Committees have the following key responsibilities:

  • To develop policy recommendations and influence how the council works
  • To hold the cabinet to account and scrutinse their decisions
  • To scrutinise decisions made by partner organisations in the interest of the residents of the borough
  • To review the impact of council decisions and policies, particularly on vulnerable and protected groups
  • To amplify the voice and concerns of local residents and to give residents a mechanism to comment on, participate in and develop council policy
  • To improve the council’s services by listening to residents and user groups

You can find more information about the Board and the PACs at the links below:

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