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Service description

London Sports Trust

London Sports Trust delivers weekly sport sessions for children aged 8 to 16, and up to age 25 for special educational needs or learning disability in 5 locations across Hammersmith and Fulham including holiday camps.   

Funded until

30 September 2023         

Annual funding level


In the past year

281 individual children & young people involved in sports and exercise sessions 

Number of residents supported


Use of volunteers

The service’s 26 volunteers delivered 479 hours of work. This is the equivalent to £5,197 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved

  • 281 individual children and young people involved in sports and exercise sessions 
  • 78 children and young people with learning disabilities or SEN participating in sports sessions 
  • 145 individuals participating in sports festivals
  • 8 sports festivals held (Free holiday camps at 3 sites across LBHF)
  • 8 LBHF residents with Learning Disabilities or SEN volunteering
  • 29 LBHF residents trained in officiating and organising events

Funding raised


Future plans

London Sports Trust future plans for The City Sports Academy is to  

  • Work with young people to tackle the stigma around mental health within our sports session.  
  • Give more opportunities to Hammersmith and Fulham residence by putting on more workshops from sport, lifeskills as well as online training.  
  • Inviting the young people down to the riverbanks and teaching more about the environment and plastic pollution. 
  • At all holiday camps provide free food to stop holiday hunger 
  • Trip around Hammersmith and Fulham and across London 

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