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Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation deliver:

Funding is offered towards the core costs of the organisation. Following on from the co-produced needs analysis commissioned by the LBHF in 2016, YHFF will continue to support collaborative working amongst local providers of children and young people’s services in the borough, identifying and attracting alternative sources of funding for services, and supporting the sector to maximise the value of community assets. YHFF will continue to develop and deliver its fundraising strategy.

Funded until:

31 March 2021

Annual funding:


In the past year...

  • Fundraising – Lead on the creation on a new sector specific consortium that will be capable of bidding and winning high level contracts/funding that is accessible to a range of Members with size not restricting involvement

  • Grant Giving – Held two small grant rounds, two Supplementary School rounds and supported our Members to access crowd funding through Spacehive with us also pledging via this means.

  • Knowledge – Put together a number of research and papers on local issues affecting young people, headline one being ‘Growing up in H & F’ peer research report. In partnership with Imperial College we have completed a report on Childhood Obesity and Mental Health Services for young people who are BAME. From this work, a dissertation was completed on a Multi-Agency approach to Serious Youth Violence.

  • Events – Held the first ever Youth Achievement Awards in the borough with 200 attendees on the night. The theme was ‘Change the Narrative’ and over 9 awards categories there 129 nominations and 27 young people shortlisted.

  • Young People – Brought together a group of local young people to be the decision makers on our second round of grants. The group were given training and YHFF staff facilitated the panel with the group given complete authority on the spend.

  • Collaboration – We have worked with partners and unlocked skills (Goldman Sachs) for our members to tap into and venues (SoHo House) for young people to access at our Future Ready Employability event.

  • We have worked very closely with the local authority to increase their view of the voluntary sector. This has led to us holding contracts for the LBHF for managing a DfE Out of School Settings project and a local consultation on a new Arts & Community Centre.

Number of residents supported:

Over 1500 residents. 

Use of volunteers:

The service’s six volunteers delivered 100 hours of work. This is the equivalent to £1,085 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved:

Additionally this year:

  • Website developed to act as a live directory of opportunities and services for young people in H&F. This is searchable by theme, age and location.
  • Fundraising form GL (Young Londoners Fund – Network Management), Mercer (Small Grants Fund), City Bridge Trust (5 year funding for Consortium and Partnerships Fundraising projects)
  • Sexual Health Roundtables and Network convened for the local authority
  • CEO sits a Commissioner on the LBHF Police and Crime Commission
  • CEO is part of a team working with the Design Council on reshaping public services

Funding raised:


Future plans

  • Better collaboration between YHFF Members in Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Better collaboration between VCSE organisations and statutory services
  • Increased engagement of CYP in collaboration and co-production of services
  • A financially and operationally robust VCSE sector Consortium which competes for commercial and grant funding contracts delivered through local VCSE organisations
  • More funding for local services raised by YHFF led fundraising partnerships and campaigns
  • Children and Young People leading decisions about what services they want to see supported
  • YHFF supports organisations to understand and respond to the needs of CYP
  • YHFF website provides a single point of contact for CYP and families seeking support in H+F
YHFF understands the needs of members and responds with appropriate and useful services

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