Service description

We fund Sobus to run capacity building services to local Third Sector organisations across the borough. The benefits include building organisational capacities, connecting local communities, growing community assets and promoting social enterprise.

Funded until

31 March 2021

Annual funding level


In the past year, this service has:

  • Supported 75 organisations with the help of 25 volunteers. 1050 volunteer hours were accumulated and the value of their contribution amounted to £10,238
  • Launched the H&F CCG Health and Wellbeing Small grants programme
  • Secured £413,000 worth of funding
  • Supported the 3rd sector review
  • Held the successful Funders Fair with some 51 organisations in attendance

Future plans for the service

  • Sobus are working with H&F CCG to secure funding for the VCS Health and Wellbeing grants in 2017
  • An event to be held in January with the OPDC (Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation) to discuss the role and the need to engage with the VCS
  • To continue working with Hammersmith and Fulham Volunteer Centre and jointly promote their services
  • Sobus has made great progress in delivering its 5-year strategy and all achievements were in line with the strategic plan and funding commitments

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