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Service name: It's your choice - I didn't know that

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Outside Chance delivers It’s Your Choice – I Didn’t Know That, with funding from H&F Council, delivering high-impact, anti-crime, anti-gang workshops in primary and secondary schools, youth and community groups in Hammersmith and Fulham. The early intervention ‘transition’ module is aimed at Year 6 students before they move to secondary school, while the version aimed at older students focuses on the consequences of arrest, having a criminal record and the realities of prison life.

Funded until:

31 March 2021

Annual funding:


In the past year...

  • The service has delivered 20 workshops to 11 schools, community centres and youth clubs, with the message delivered to 1,030 young people. As well as council financial support, £20,000 has been raised in additional funds.


The workshops seek to stop Year 6 students making wrong decisions in their choices of friends, with 85% of those who attend saying it has improved their likelihood of making the right choices if tempted to break the law, recognising bullying behaviour and understanding the wider implications of offending.


“The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and felt assured and comforted for their future endeavours at secondary school. This was a well-prepared and thoroughly enjoyable workshop.” St Pauls Primary School

“Students came out full of information, and parents were pleased that students had the opportunity to discuss how young people can get influenced or easily led into crime. The session also raised interesting questions that tutors were able to discuss with students. The session was powerful and informative; exactly what new Year 7s need when they begin secondary school. I hope we can continue to work together.” Ark Burlington Danes Academy 

Looking ahead:

Outside Chance recently celebrated its 19th anniversary, with more than 145,000 young people taking part in workshops over that time. Following the ending of Citizenship in the national curriculum, it has proven to be harder to get the It’s Your Choice message through to some schools, making the project even more important.

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