Hammersmith Community Gardens Association

Hammersmith Community Gardens Association

Service name:  Growing Communities

Service description 

We fund the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association (HCGA) to maintain and develop the 4 sites based in the north of the borough and to deliver a range of community environmental focused events and training opportunities throughout the borough. To develop hubs of activity in other parts of the borough and to provide support and advice to new, emerging and other organisations that do not primarily have an environmental focus.

Funding until

31 March 2021   

Annual funding level


What this service achieved in 2016...

Number of residents supported: 2321

Number of schools worked with: 11    

In the past year.....

  • HCGA have maintained 4 local sites, providing local residents access to gardens and open spaces. A variety of other organisations have benefitted from the gardens as well as 15 local schools who regularly access the garden sites maintained by HCGA as part of their curriculum
  • HCGA worked with over 300 corporate volunteers equating to 1500 of volunteer time – a 50% increase on last year
  • 70 local residents received advice and support to lead in the improvement of their local green space
  • 13 organisations were provided with direct support in improving their green space
  • 80 individuals took part in walks and trips to other places of interest

User feedback:

“Thank you very much to you, Clare and Katie for a really fascinating tour of Hammersmith Community Gardens Association on Wednesday.  It was really nice to meet all of you.  Thank you so much for your time, and your open-ness to all my questions, of which I know there were many! Your answers were all really informative and inspiring.  Much food for thought!”

“Thank you for the best visit! so friendly and helpful and gardens beaut too. Love the scarecrows”

“Well done, Cathy and Team, you are all achieving an enormous amount and I know that I am not alone in being amazed and most impressed, HCGA are doing a great job and much is due to your non-stop efforts……”

“Thank You HCGA!”

Other achievements/future plans for the service:

  • HCGA were one of only 20 charities to receive a £20,000 grant from City Bridge Trust to mark their 20 years of fund giving
  • HCGA were a partner of Phoenix School’s show garden at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The garden won a gold and 2 silver gilt medals
  • HCGA have entered another new partnership delivering a weekly bedside gardening activities on behalf of CW+ at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • HCGA  are looking to replace the much-used glasshoused at Ravenscourt Park with two more state-of-the-art structures

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