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Service description:

The Bishop Creighton House – Safer Homes Service offers child safety, adult safety, security and fire safety assessments at home, with a follow-up of doing any small jobs or adaptations needed. Funded by H&F, it includes fitting smoke alarms and other safety features, and sharing information and advice. The service focuses on older people and vulnerable families with young children

Funded until:

31 March 2021

Annual funding level:


What the service has achieved in the last year...

Number of residents supported:


Volunteer hours delivered:

Number of volunteers involved: 13
Number of volunteer hours delivered: 252
Value of volunteer hours provided: £2,457

Outcomes/impacts for residents:

  • 194 security checks were carried out over the last year, and 320 pieces of equipment fitted
  • 71 adult safety checks were carried out, and 505 pieces of safety equipment fitted
  • 134 child safety checks were carried out and 1,728 pieces of safety equipment fitted
  • 211 fire safety checks were carried out
  • 61 small jobs were completed
  • 80 draught proofing jobs were completed
  • 12 advice and information sessions were attended by 1,400 H&F residents

User feedback:

“The help I received enabled me to feel safe enough to return to living at home and subsequently feel more secure.” 

 “The things spotted by the child safety adviser at the time of my assessment, and the advice given, were very helpful and the equipment fitted has really helped keep my children safe at home.”

“This project is very useful when you have a young family and need help and advice.” 

“The whole service was efficient and the work excellent – we are very grateful to have had it done.” 

Funding raised:

£90,780 generated through fundraising and small job fees. Funding reinvested back into the project.

Other achievements/plans for service

Safer Homes continues to work closely with the Smoke Free Alliance, Environmental Health, Community Safety Unit, Foodbank, London Fire Brigade, Social Services, health visitors and Disabled Children’s Team.  Clients have benefited from being a member of the healthier homes steering group, with several referred on for assistance with installing central heating and reducing heating bills. Safer Homes users’ feedback indicates a need for more help with gardening and decorating. Ways of funding this are being explored.

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