Service name: CSE, Missing & Trafficking Service

Service description

Barnardo’s delivers the CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), Missing & Trafficking service with funding from H&F Council, providing direct one-to-one work with children and young people, support and advice for parents and carers, prevention group work, training for professionals and advice and consultancy. 

Funded until

31 March 2021      

Annual funding level


In the past year…

  • Seven volunteers have provided one-to-one support for 17 young people as well as doing preventative work with 700 pupils at six local schools.

Use of volunteers

Number of volunteers involved: 2
Number of volunteer hours delivered: 24
Value of volunteer hours provided: £301

Outcome for residents:

  • The mental health of 43% of the young people worked with in the past year has improved
  • CSE work reduces family conflict in all cases
  • The number of ‘missing’ incidents has been cut by 57% in a year
  • There has been a 50% improvement in young people’s awareness, and navigation of the legal system 
  • 17% of parents feel better equipped to spot, and prevent, abuse
  • 71% of young people were better able to identify abusive/exploitative behaviour
  • 43% of young people were better able to identify risky peers and reduce contact
  • 13% of young people demonstrated improved ability to identify grooming on the internet

Future plans:  

  • Barnardo’s has started a participation group for young people and hired a volunteer drama therapist
  • Collected data reveals a positive impact on all young people working with Barnardo’s
  • Significant improvements came in: mental health and well-being, ability to identify abusive/exploitative behaviour, recovery from sexual abuse exploitation, reduction in the level of risk/harm, reduced association with risky peers/adults

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