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Service description

Action on Disability delivers a welfare benefits service for children, funded by H&F Council, providing advice on all social security benefits to parents and carers of disabled children up to and including first-tier tribunal representation. The aim is to maximise the income of H&F families with disabled children up to age 18.

Funded until

 31 March 2018

Annual funding level


In the past year:

Six volunteers have spent 468 hours advising 265 residents. The help has generated £82,800 in one-off backdated payments of benefits, with support for 133 parents and carers of disabled children. An additional £33,333 has been raised in funding, including income from the benefits service for adults.

Outcome for residents

  • 35 users were successfully awarded a grant from the Children with Disabilities Fund
  • Lack of form-filling services continues to be an issue as it is a key element to welfare benefits advice. Forms are lengthy and complicated and can adversely affect the receipt of entitled benefits if not correctly completed, resulting in time-consuming appeals and tribunals.

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