Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation

The Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation's vision

All young people in Hammersmith & Fulham grow up healthy, safe and happy with the best opportunities for bright futures. 

All children and young people need opportunities for learning and fun, beyond family and schools. They also need to develop strong relationships with peers and adults, in order to learn about the world and contribute to their communities.

London is a fast-paced, changeable city with massive challenges ahead. London’s youth population is growing at an unprecedented rate and are a vital asset to our future right now, they are the next generation of future talent.

The foundation is an exciting new cross-sector partnership, working with youth clubs, charities, schools, businesses and the local authority. Together we will shape opportunities and create the best services for children and young people who live, learn, play or work in Hammersmith & Fulham.

We are a membership organisation and will be building a vibrant membership base of organisations and people working with children and young people across the borough.

YHFF's aims

  • To give children, young people and members a voice in leading the YHFF model from the beginning through peer research, consultation and service design.
  • To develop the capacity of the children & young people sector through training, information sharing, advice, networks and grants.
  • To support businesses to engage and invest in the next generation with access to future talent through volunteering, mentoring, professional advice and financial investment.
  • To broker funds for the sector in Hammersmith & Fulham through consortia grant applications, corporate investment and individual philanthropy.

YHFF is part of the Young Peoples Foundation (YPF) model, working alongside newly formed foundations in other London boroughs and across the country. YHFF has been established with infrastructure funding awarded from John Lyon’s Charity and LBHF and we formally registered as a charity in February 2017.

Support this exciting movement, become a member, volunteer, invest, contact YHFF!

Contact YFHH

Gareth Dixon, CEO, Young Hammersmith & Fulham Foundation – 

YFHH send out a weekly e-newsletter aimed at people who work with children and young people in Hammersmith & Fulham.

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