Youth Council elections 2024

From left to right: The new Youth Council members are, Deputy Member of Youth Parliament: Ellaria Mengistu, Member of Youth Parliament: Ealaf Al-Najar, Youth Mayor: Albi Fenner,  Deputy Youth Mayor: Precisa Getsevich

Following a very successful and fun results event on Thursday 14 March at 245 Hammersmith Road we are thrilled to announce the results which are:

  • New Youth Mayor is Albi Fenner from Hammersmith 
  • New Deputy Youth Mayor is Precisa Getsevich from Shepherd’s Bush
  • New Member of Youth Parliament is Ealaf Al-Najar- a student at Fulham Cross Girls School
  • New Deputy Member of Youth Parliament is Ellaria Mengistu from Fulham

See below for their manifestos

Our amazing Mayoress of Hammersmith & Fulham, Councillor Patricia Quigley announced the results and our former Youth Cabinet, Niamh, Anastasia and Vince, did a fantastic job of hosting the ceremony. There were performances from some very talented local young people and delicious waffles and pancakes from Cai, winner of the Young Entrepreneur Youth Achievement Award 2023.

See the Flickr album of photos: Youth Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament Elections | Flickr

We had an amazing turn out with 10 schools, 6 Youth Projects and clubs and over 3000 votes cast!

Our new Youth Cabinet are currently working through their induction to get ready to lead the Youth Council in continuing to drive forward their priorities and to be a strong and actionable voice for the young people of the borough in 2024.

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Youth Power! H&F's Younger Generation Takes the Lead

About the bi-annual UK Youth Parliament and Youth Mayor Elections

The bi-annual UK Youth Parliament and Youth Mayor Elections to elect a new Youth Mayor, Member of Youth Parliament and deputies takes place in February and March.

The Youth Mayor is a ‘figurehead’ for the borough’s young people and accompanies the adult mayor to openings, celebrations and events.

The Member of Youth Parliament will represent the voices of our borough’s young people, regionally across London and across the UK, linking into the UK Youth Parliament programme of events.

A borough wide election takes place in schools, youth projects and through our target services during the 3-week period and young people who live, go to school or college in the borough or who are looked after by H&F Council, have the opportunity to vote for their new Youth Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament either in person or online.

The new Youth Cabinet 

Albi Fenner

Albi Fenner, 16, lives in Hammersmith

Albi Fenner, Youth Mayor 2024

I would make a GREAT Youth Mayor because I have grown up and gone to school in the heart of Hammersmith and Fulham. I love this borough and it’s where my heart is. I feel very passionate about empowering young people to find their voices to lift barriers and to be able to create positive changes within the systems, services, and policies so they are the best they can be for our young people.

I love being a Youth Councillor and think that our current focus on the issues that are most relevant to young people including Life Skills, Work Experience, Staying Safe, Mental Health and Inclusion are so very important and I want to continue to work to ensure that we achieve all our goals as a Youth Council and make real and positive changes so that all young people feel safe and included. I believe nobody should be left behind. I am especially passionate about all these issues due to my own lived experience, as a young person with Autism and ADHD I have had some really difficult times, have been discriminated against, misunderstood and have not felt included. I want to make sure that no other young people feel this way!! My experiences have made me a strong leader and have given me the energy and determination to drive this manifesto in the right direction for the young people of Hammersmith and Fulham. I want to be a role model for others and have a positive impact on young people to inspire and influence young people to have confidence and to be strong regardless of their background and experiences.

I want to work on building better community relationships with local residents (including young people) businesses, services and community organisations within our borough. I believe if we are united and work together with a shared vision for Hammersmith and Fulham to be the best, safest and most inclusive place to live, we have a much stronger chance of achieving this. 

Precisa Getsevich

Precisa Getsevich, 11, lives in Shepherd’s Bush

Precisa Getsevich, Deputy Youth Mayor 2024

I would make a GREAT Youth Mayor because I am hardworking articulate and passionate about making things the best they can be for young people in our borough. I am very passionate about youth positive engagement in communities and creating safe communities where children have many opportunities to grow healthily and happily, flourishing into amazing role models in society. I believe I am a role model at only eleven and I would love to help others at any age to be the best they can be.

I am a Young Entrepreneur, with my own successful business and I would love to be able to help other young people to get the skills, support and opportunities they need to start a business from what they love. 

Ealaf Al-Najar

Ealaf Al-Najar, 16, goes to Fulham Cross Girls School

Ealaf Al-Najar, Member of Youth Parliament 2024

I would make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because I am a hard-working, proactive, and dedicated to helping all young people succeed. As a selfless individual with excellent communication skills, I can represent community concerns with great care and to the best standard possible - creating meaningful change for every local person.

I am incredibly ambitious about the significant changes we can make so that young people can have a voice and thrive within society. As an excellent listener and event organiser, I can record the concerns and challenges of local youth and take them to MPs and councillors to make sure they are heard and taken into consideration.

I am already an active member of our community. I have been involved in many projects across the borough: as a peer researcher on young people’s mental health and a Hammersmith and Fulham Youth Councillor. I am able and willing to take part in official local and national meetings to champion important topics – like recently when advocating for Palestine. I’m not afraid to have difficult conversations and use my voice to support those vulnerable or impacted by complex situations.

Community advocacy is important because young people today experience the world in a way no other generation has. Society is constantly changing: with new jobs on offer that we could never have predicted the need for, a financial crisis we must build a future against, and social media that is hard to see the truth through. And young people want to be educated on this! As MYP, I want to ensure all young people get equal access to informative opportunities on these topics. I believe each young Londoner should be entitled to easily accessing chances to grow and succeed.

An issue I would like to campaign on is making sure that young people know about the support and opportunities that are available to them.  People say that they know how to get work experience or support for their mental health - but when the time comes, is it really that easy? Having been a youth councillor for over two years now, I have come to notice that while there are so many options meant for young people that these still aren’t reaching those who need it.  

When young people do get the support they need, they are more likely to be happy, healthy, and helpful to others. Achieving this goal also helps prevent key social issues, like problems with crime or emotional wellbeing. Allowing young people to more easily access relevant opportunities and valuable information will not only allow them to develop personally for their future, but will also create a more informed and socially aware society - benefiting everyone! With my strong roots in community organising, I know we do better when we work together. 

As a member of youth parliament and by listening to YOU and every local young person, I believe I can identify what is needed for what we care for most and create change based on those that. So, a vote for me is a vote for ensuring positive change.

Ellaria Mengistu

Ellaria Mengistu, 18, lives in Fulham

Ellaria Mengistu, Deputy Member of Youth Parliament

I would make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because even though I don’t attend schools in Hammersmith and Fulham, I feel that we, as the Youth of Hammersmith and Fulham still all face the same issues. I would like to advocate for young people's voices and feel that I would make a great candidate because of my persistence and passion for our future.

I would like to tackle financial literacy. I feel this is necessary as the world is changing and adapting, and by the time we become adults we won't have a secure method of our own money while being young is the best time to take risks, I feel that with us being equipped with knowledge on finances like tax, rent, bills, budgeting and investing would allow us to get set up for future decisions. Why should we as young people wait till we experience the troubles of finance to learn it, it should be something taught. I would aim to create accessibility to financial literacy to young people through workshops and online resources to get young people one step ahead for the future.

Other candidates who stood for election

Eliana Bulla

Eliana Bulla, Youth Mayor candidate
13, goes to Sacred Heart 

Eliana Bulla

I would make a GREAT Youth Mayor because I put things into other people's perspective, even if it doesn’t affect me personally. This guarantees that any issues raised in our borough would be addressed, acknowledged, and in the long term found a solution to. 24.3% of people surveyed stated that they had seen violence and illegal behaviour in their daily lives or on social media. However, 85% of high school students have felt peer pressured into doing something they didn’t want to. 

If I am elected…. 

My primary focus would be tackling social tension due to gender or racial stereotypes, such as men shouldn’t back down from a fight, or the way women dress, act or speak and how it seeks negative attention. Collaboratively we can build the self-assurance to say NO, because in the long run both genders aren’t immune to becoming the instigator or the victim. If you agree, vote for me to become the next Youth Mayor, so that your voice is heard in society.

Shannon Pearce

Shannon Pearce, Youth Mayor candidate
18, lives in Hammersmith

Shannon Pearce

I would make a GREAT Youth Mayor because I am really good at listening, and I really care about other young people. I am passionate about being the voice for other young people, especially disabled young people. I have been involved in helping to develop Action on Disability Youth Inclusion Charter and helping to ensure that the support and services we receive as young people are what we want and need. I also know it will be great for me and my future.

If I am elected I want to work on equality and inclusion and want to ensure that all young people feel involved and included in our borough.

Adam Semar

Adam Semar, Youth Mayor candidate
17, goes to West London Free School

Adam Semar

I would make a GREAT Youth Mayor because I’m a hardworking and experienced person who’s incredibly passionate about youth representation. I’m a problem solver and always make sure to listen to people’s opinions and take everyone’s point of view into consideration. I have first hand experience with the most pressing issues in our borough, being an immigrant and having gone through the housing system.

I already have a lot of experience representing young people in important decision-making places like in my roles as a youth constituent (a voting member) for both the UN’s climate agency and environmental protection agency. I also have good knowledge of local democracy through my work as Youth Councillor I’d use my experience to help shape youth voice policy and spearhead initiatives that are important to young people in the borough. Listening to people and finding compromise is a key part of the work I do in my current roles, and I aim to use my skills in those areas as your Youth Mayor. I would also bring a passion for youth representation to the role, this passion previously allowed me to shape global climate policy and help represent young people at COP28 and other similar spaces. 

If I am elected… 

I would like to increase the availability and quality of work, volunteering and internship opportunities in our borough. This will remove one of the main barriers to employment for young people in Hammersmith and Fulham by diversifying available opportunities and making local young people’s applications more appealing when going through competitive application processes. 

Jade Slocock

Jade Slocock, Youth Mayor candidate
23, lives in Hammersmith

Jade Slocock

I am very passionate about the things I decide to do and volunteer to take part in. I love to help and change things for the better. I am friendly and always have a smile on and I am happy and easy to talk to.

I would make a GREAT Youth Mayor because, I am a very caring person. And over the years things I have volunteered for or took part in I put more than 110% into everything and will do so for youth mayor. My passion in life is helping others and making change happen. In the future my dream job would be to become a mental health nurse as I have personal experience from the system and would love to change lives for the better and also the mental health system. I also am a great listener, and I would listen to each person and come up with a way to make my best to make it happen and come to an agreement to make it as close as it can be.

If I am elected I would like to work on mental health support for young people.

I’d want to work on trying to get more help and a faster and or more efficient way of getting young people the help in the community for mental health. Nowadays the mental health system is so overworked and long waiting lists just to get in the system. This is something that I am passionate about as I have personal experience with mental health, and I feel and want to make a different and change. I firmly believe if I am Youth Mayor, i will bring Hammersmith and Fulham together as a community for making change to our mental health system for the younger generation. 

Mahika Chandrashekar

Mahika Chandrashekar, Member of Youth Parliament candidate
11, goes to St Paul’s Girls School 

Mahika Chandrashekar

I would make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because I am thoughtful, confident, and driven. I enjoy collaborating and working with different people and I am passionate about making a positive difference in society.

I am committed to being the change I want to see in society. I want to bring a positive impact to young people’s lives, and I can do that by amplifying your voices into actions and outcomes. I love conversing with people and by drawing upon your ideas, I intend to implement incremental changes that will improve our lives now, and in the future.

From my experience to date, I have noticed that several decisions have been made with short-term benefits, and little regard for the future generations. I am here to change that. I may not be able to change everything, but I promise to give this privileged role a 110% of my attention. I joined the Youth Council for this reason and now I want to take it a step further by becoming a Member of the Youth Parliament.

I will listen to your voices, consolidate the different perspectives and put forward solutions that are sustainable. Even the smallest change can make the biggest difference and I am here to make it happen.

If I am elected I would like to support projects to equip young people for adulthood. We are still being taught subjects in conventional methods, yet what many of us really need is life skills to be independent, confident and look after ourselves without debts, stress or worries. I want to focus on changing that, by ensuring that there are more practical opportunities through projects, events, and activities such as managing finances, learning to cook, fixing things around the house, carrying out DIY projects etc.

A common misconception is that the 20s are for partying and fun, however for many others it is a period of fear and anxiety largely because they are unprepared to be a ‘grown-up’. 
I want to ensure that the adults of tomorrow are taught transferrable skills such that they can truly experience ‘freedom’.

As the Hammersmith and Fulham borough continues to attract families of diverse backgrounds, I want to make sure everyone has an equitable chance at making a success of their life and if I can play a small role in making that happen, I will take it with both arms. 

Niamh Faleye

Niamh Faleye, Member of Youth Parliament candidate
16, lives in West Kensington

Niamh Faleye

I would make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because..

I’ve been a part of the Youth Council for two years so I have experience in working alongside councillors to further our youth agenda. An MYP needs to be able to be a good public speaker, able to talk with confidence in order to represent your needs, however they also need to be a good listener. 

If I am elected as MYP I will listen to what you, the young people of the borough need and represent you not just on a local level - at our council meetings - but on a national level too, fighting hard to make our voices heard. I have experience with local leadership as I was Youth Mayor of the borough so I’m familiar with talking to people with the resources to make change, for that reason I would be able to make issues that matter in our borough issues that matter to our government creating a nationwide impact. 

I am passionate, determined and confident in my ability to speak out for us. 

Young people have a voice that matters and in this role, I want to enhance it and make it stronger - I’m not here to give a voice to young people because each of us already have one, I’m here to unite them and project them so that the people in power (both locally and nationally) have no choice but to listen because together, we are stronger, together we can be represented.

If I am elected I’ve worked on a manifesto based on diversity and inclusion over the last few years which I would like to continue further, making our borough a place of equal opportunity. Is work experience an issue? I intend to fix it. Are mental health resources accessible? I intend to make them youth-friendly. Do you want to have a seat at the table, a say in things that happen so they are done with us not for us? I intend to make us heard and respected. Not only would I work hard to ensure that all the work we’ve done so far is continued I’d also like champion the issue of accessibility - both physically (making sure that buildings and resources are available to people with disabilities or special needs) but also mentally, working hard to break down the barriers preventing young people from pursuing their chosen career/education paths by opening up and creating more opportunities for us to access a better and brighter future.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as the Youth Mayor it's that young people’s passion paired with the government’s resources can create a borough that is representative, inclusive, diverse and an overall better place. Now I want to be more proactive and effect change on a national scale. Together we can empower more than just the young people of Hammersmith and Fulham, we can empower the young people of the entire country.

A vote for me is a vote for a better nation.

Efrata Meseret

Efrata Meseret, Member of Youth Parliament candidate
14, lives in Shepherds Bush

Efrata Meseret

I would make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because being someone of their word and fulfilling their aims is a trait I have. I am someone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and is not afraid to take risks and learn from them.

I believe I would be the best choice for MYP because I bring fresh ideas and know exactly how to implement them. I know what my priorities are and helping my community is one of them. I will put my best foot forward to address the issues alarming young people the most.

If I am elected I would like to work on young people’s safety around the borough. This factor is something which everyone should have a right to and is vital that all young people have. Ensuring safety for the youth is essential, especially as many behaviours and gestures derive from areas like our homes. Making sure that young people are in a comfortable space and environment, will help them grow the skills needed as we all grow into young adults. 

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma, Member of Youth Parliament candidate
13, goes to Sacred Heart 

Anushka Sharma

I would make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because I am driven to achieve my goals and if I got the honour of being elected, I would put 100% of my energy into this role. I am also a good listener so if you wanted to voice your opinions about improvements you want to make, I would not hesitate to raise your ideas to the Youth Council. I believe that your voice as young people in this borough is so important so if I was elected I would make sure that happened, because young people ARE the future.

If I am elected, I would like to work on closing the gaps between minority groups and maximise the opportunities that young people have to make their voice heard in the community. If you believe that you deserve a say in things that impact your future, please vote for me. Thank you.

Chenai Shorter

Chenai Shorter, Member of Youth Parliament candidate
16, goes to William Morris 6th Form

Chenai Shorter

I will make a GREAT Member of Youth Parliament because I would like to make the world a better place to live in. I would like to talk about people with disabilities that are not treated fairly in this world and highlight their struggles and how I could help. I love to dance and baking. I am a member of Action on Disabilities Youth Board and have been involved in several co-production projects to ensure young Disabled people are included and supported, for example, the Youth Inclusion Charter.  

I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 10 and when I heard about it I was not happy, I felt so upset. I did not want to believe it was true and I felt like I was judged and treated differently from my peers.

And I am sure that other people with disabilities felt the same. I don’t feel society treats me and other people with disabilities equally.

If I am elected…

I want to ensure that all activities for young people in the borough are fully accessible and open to everyone.

I also want to ensure that young people are involved in co-production of activities that are offered to make sure they are fun and meaningful to everyone.

So overall I just want to help everyone that is struggling out in the country and do my best to speak up for disabled people. I will take initiative in making sure they are given the right support and feel like they are a part of this world.

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