Hammersmith & Fulham Youth Council

  • Aged 11-25?
  • Live, go to school in Hammersmith and Fulham?
  • Care about other young people and issues that affect them, including access to quality jobs and work experience, fun things to do and support when they need it?
  • Want an opportunity to debate the big issues that will affect your future?
  • Something really positive to add to your CV, references and earn rewards including certificates, vouchers and trips out.

Then get involved in our Youth Council.

As the voice of the young people in the borough, the Youth Council create innovative ways to get their views and present them to decision makers. They also give their opinion on policies, activities and services and are involved in the recruitment of professionals that work with young people.

To find out more contact Brenda.Whinnett@lbhf.gov.uk

Join the Youth Council

Young Mayor and UK Youth Parliament Elections 2022

We will be hosting elections for a New Youth Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament and Deputies to represent the borough locally, regionally and nationally in February 2022.

The Youth Mayor is a ‘figurehead’ for the boroughs young people accompanies the Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham at borough events. The Member of Youth Parliament represents the voices of the borough’s young people, regionally and nationally at conferences and an annual debate in the House of Commons.

Together the Youth Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament alongside their Deputies, form a Youth Cabinet and lead the Youth Council in their manifesto, meetings and decision making, organising events, making films, meeting local decision makers, MPs, lobbying for change, organising campaigns and appearing in the media, all to amplify the views of their peers.

For more info see British Youth Council | UK Youth Parliament (byc.org.uk)

Manifesto 2021-22

Our aims

  • To ensure that young people have a ‘voice’ that is listened to by decision makers and can contribute to the decisions that affect them.
  • To improve our representation of all young people, especially those who are more vulnerable and who are not represented in our diverse Youth Council so that they are considered in our projects and have a voice. 
  • To ensure that young people are well informed about the opportunities, activities and services available to them.
  • Be more visible- get out and speak to young people on the streets, at community venues and through targeted services.
  • Work with members of the Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation and their service users to identify areas for change in local policy/resource allocation and to identify local need.

Our values

We believe in:

  • Fair representation: Young residents should have equal access to information and be given opportunities to impact local decision making.
  • Honesty and openness: We always strive to improve situations for young residents. This may take a long period of time but when we cannot, we will explain why certain changes cannot be made.
  • Understanding of local issues: We aim to develop a good understanding of local issues and the concerns of young people so that we can help them to the best of our ability as a youth council.
  • Best start in life for every young person: We want to ensure positive outcomes and lots of opportunities for young people in our borough. We want them to be ready for the world of work and independence and be easily able to access support when they need it.
  • A positive image of young people: We want to create a better image and challenge the negative stereotypes of young people.

What does the Youth Council do?

  • We meet every week (currently virtually on Google Meet) to update and plan future projects.
  • Set the agenda, chair and minute take our own meetings.
  • Design ways to get young people’s views (such as consultation events, videos, social media, questionnaires) and feed them back to decision makers.
  • Give our opinion on services, activities and information for young people.
  • Promote opportunities and services to other young people.
  • Research and campaign on issues that affect young people locally and nationally.
  • Help interview and select professionals to work with young people.

Areas we are working on currently

  • A review of mental health services and young people’s access to them
  • Supporting the development of sexual health and relationship education
  • Supporting the council and community in their work on the climate emergency
  • Improving the relationship between police and young people
  • Improving access to online information and support services for young people

As well as lots of other things!