School staff zone newsletter guidelines

Submitting items for inclusion in the school staff zone e-newsletter

H&F staff are requested to ensure that all communications to schools are sent via the School staff zone.

Items for inclusion in the bulletin should be sent to us at before midday on Thursday, to be included in the following Monday's e-bulletin.

Please use the school staff zone coversheet template to submit your information.

The school staff zone is not password protected and is accessible to the public. Anyone can subscribe to receive the newsletter.

We set up the school staff zone after heads told us they want a more manageable and accessible method for communications and to also enable large documents to be available without overloading email systems.

Most schools are subscribed. Subscribers now have to manage their own subscription so there is no guarantee that schools will keep their subscriptions up to date.

Completing the communications template

Step 1 - the coversheet template

Download the coversheet template (word doc 95KB) 

Save it to your desktop.

Step 2 - how to fill in the template

Fill in the first half of the template, as below. Each section needs to be filled out or the form will be returned.

As a guide:

  • Title and summary:
    Please keep these short but descriptive so that school staff can easily see what your communication is about. Both are also included on the ebulletin.
  • Target schools:
    The email bulletins are categorised by target school group – nursery, primary, secondary, special. Please type one or more groups or state ‘all’.
  • Specific schools:
    Occasionally your item may only be for the attention of specific schools. The schools should be listed in this section, e.g. VA schools only. Please note we cannot send the newsletter to just the schools you specify - if it is very important to you that only the specified schools receive the item then please email those schools directly. If in doubt please contact
  • For the attention of:
    The school staff to whom your message is directed, e.g. heads, SENCOs, the SLIT team. List them here.
  • Attachments: Please write out the title of any attachments or state none if there aren't any
  • Newsletter date: The date of the newsletter the item is to be included in
  • For information or action required/due date:
    If your communication has an action deadline date, please include it here. If it is just for information, please clearly state that.

Please then enter your full communication items details in the space provided. if you are also providing attachments it is helpful to list these here as well.

Step 3 - who to send it to

Once the template has been filled in, forward it along with any attached documents, to

Step 4 - when to send

The deadline for submitting items for inclusion is 12 noon on Thursday for the next Monday's newsletter.

The School Staff Zone newsletter goes out to all schools every Monday at about 8.30am during term time.