School health, safety and business continuity

Welcome to the home page of the health, safety and business continuity section of school staff zone. Health and safety is about preventing people from being harmed. Business continuity is about preparing for and recovering from major incidents that disrupt school activities

Accident and incident reporting

Schools are required to report accidents, near misses, violent incidents or dangerous occurrences involving staff, pupils or visitors using the online system

Accident and incident reporting

Educational visits

LBHF have introduced an online educational visits planning and approval system. This is called EVOLVE and can be accessed using the username and password issued to the school. 

Health and safety executive - school guidance

The Health and Safety Executive has a dedicated health and safety website for schools

Department for Education - school guidance

The Department for Education (DfE) produces guidance for schools about health, safety and emergencies

Policy and guidance documents

The links below will take schools to various guidance documents.

Policy documents

Guidance documents


Health and safety

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