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Image caption: Image 1: Illustration of the aerial view of the new Avonmore Primary School and playground

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is working closely with Avonmore Primary School in West Kensington and Flora Gardens Primary School in Hammersmith to develop plans that will remove the schools’ ageing facilities and provide educational spaces that are fit for the future.

We have a strong record of educational success in H&F with some of the highest performing schools in the country. We are fully committed to continue working with them to give local children the best experience possible.

What’s happened so far

The proposals – jointly designed with the schools – will allow increased teaching space, better designed and accessible play areas, specialist teaching facilities – including for children with special educational needs.

We believe such designs integrate well with the area and will benefit the entire local community.

A decade of austerity

Given the continuing financial limitations on local government, the best way to build the schools to the standards that children and staff deserve, and in a way that will last, is by generating investment from the existing sites. 

This will ensure the new school is built at no additional cost to local council taxpayers.

If we use some of the site to build homes, we can ensure that there is a sustainable solution. Just like the emerging Civic Campus in King Street, we believe that combining our objectives for the school with our aim to provide more genuinely affordable housing remains the best option.

What’s next

We are grateful to everyone who has shared their views on these proposals with us so far. We have taken these into account as we finalise our thinking. We now want to make sure we create plans that have a high level of support among the schools and local communities. So, we want to listen to what you have say about our latest ideas.

We have asked a team of researchers to talk to schools, local residents and community groups to help us in this process. If you’d like to share your views, please send an email to or

We know we will not be able to please everyone. But we also know the entire community will support the idea that its children should have a safe and inspiring facility which gives them the best start in life.

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For any questions about the future of Flora Gardens and Avonmore, please email or