ACE stands for the attendance (statutory), child employment & entertainment, elective home education and children missing education  team.

We provide advice and support to school staff and parents/carers on:

  • school attendance (statutory functions)
  • child employment and entertainment
  • elective home education
  • children missing education
  • exclusion from school.

What we do

  • Issue performance licenses for children in entertainment and work permits for juvenile employees. See Children in Entertainment & Employment
  • Maintain a register of children missing education and ensuring their return to provision
  • Oversee all children electively home-educated
  • Issue penalty notices for non-attendance at school
  • Coordination of prosecutions on behalf of school staff in relation to non-attendance at school. Also initiate School Attendance Orders (SAO), as appropriate, when parents/carers fail to ensure that their child is in receipt of a suitable education.

We support schools in fulfilling their statutory functions in relation to attendance. This includes:

  • advice on registration codes and register inspections
  • off-rolling and notifications of children missing education (CME), defined as those without provision as opposed to non-attendees
  • the process for exclusion from school, both fixed term and permanent
  • support with whole-school initiatives to improve attendance

Our reference manual

Our ACE reference manual gives advice and guidance on policies, procedures and legislation to professionals in the team’s areas of responsibility.

Contact us

Postal address:

ACE Team,
3rd Floor,
145 King Street
London W6 9XY

Richie Adeyeye – Principal Admissions Officer
0208 753 5431

Kyria Parsons - Lead Adviser
0208 753 6797

Elizabeth Spearman - Head of ACE and Admissions
0208 753 6231

To request attendance support for individual pupils and their families, please email