The Virtual School

The Virtual School is not a teaching institution, is a model we use to provide services and support for the education of children in care.

The H&F Virtual School

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We've set up a Virtual School for looked after children, with an experienced headteacher, leading a staff team with qualified teachers.

The Virtual School is not a teaching institution. It is a model we use to provide services and support for the education of children in care and a constructive challenge to those providing the services.

The aim is 'to help children in care to gain a first class education throughout their childhood, including making sure they get into the right school for them and are given the best possible support through the education system.’

The headteacher of the Virtual School is responsible for the education of all Looked after Children aged 3 to 18 years who attend school in Hammersmith & Fulham, and also those who are the responsibility of Hammersmith & Fulham and live and attend school elsewhere.


  • improved outcomes for looked after children
  • close monitoring of pupils’ progress through a greater involvement of teaching staff in setting targets
  • monitoring progress and targeting those learners who need extra support 
  • close  tracking and monitoring of poor attendance and exclusions of looked after children 
  • improved support for carers and improved accountability
  • more efficient use of resources.

The aim of this new provision is to give looked after children  better opportunities to access high quality and appropriate educational provision and services, to enable them to achieve and succeed in preparation for adult life.

Contact details

Virtual School headteacher
Amelia Steele
07771 345 330

3rd Floor, 145-155 King Street
London, W6 9XY

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