Children's Advocacy Service

If you're under 21 and in the care of social services, we can advise you about your rights and what to do if you think you've been treated unfairly.

The Children’s Advocacy Service is available for young people who are:

  • Over 7 years of age
  • Going to be discussed at a child protection conference
  • Subject to child protection plan
  • Looked after by the local authority
  • A care leaver

The Children’s Advocate is a professional who is independent from the decision making social work teams and works for and with children and young people to ensure that their wishes and feelings are listened to and considered when decisions are being made which affect their lives.

The Children’s Advocate will meet with the child or young person prior to important meetings to explain in simple language what the meeting is about. Ideally, the Children’s Advocate will support the child or young person to attend meetings and speak up for themselves. However, if they do not want to attend meetings or it is not possible due to age or other reasons, the Children’s Advocate will speak on their behalf and share the child or young person’s wishes and views regarding the decisions being made about them. The Children’s Advocate will advise the child or young person about the outcomes of the meetings.

If support is still needed, the Children’s Advocate will continue to meet the young person before and after the follow up meetings.

The Children’s Advocate will also help children and young people to raise issues and concerns about things they are unhappy about, and when needed will help them to make a complaint.

Contact the Children’s Advocacy Service

Simone Quaynor - Children's Advocate

020 8753 5125

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