Children in Care Council

Do you work directly or indirectly with children and young people? All children and young people in care and care leavers are encouraged to express their views about all issues that concern them. Children and young people will be encouraged to attend any meetings which are being held to discuss plans for them in placement or at school.

The Children's Rights Service will provide additional support at these meetings if any child or young person feels they need it. Any child or young person in care or who is a care leaver can be involved in the Children in Care Council. Everyone will meet as a group at a convenient time (after school, college or university, in holiday periods).

The forum will also provide an opportunity to undertake specific pieces of work in smaller groups and there are plans for pieces of work to be accredited through the work that has already taken place by the Children's Involvement Officer Brenda Whinnett.

Information on how to become a member of the Children in Care Council and to register an interest in the specific roles (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) will be advertised and forwarded to children and young people shortly.

If you know of or work with a child or young person who might be interested, then get in touch and then we will follow up. In the meantime enquiries can be made to Glen McLean on 020 8600 3340 or email

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