Supplier self-service

We have introducing a new tried and trusted system managed by Hampshire County Council. It’s called the Integrated Business Centre or the IBC for short.

It makes managing your invoices easier and quicker.

You can use it to:

  • upload invoices for payment
  • check the status of payments
  • received purchase orders
  • update your details
  • raise queries with the IBC. 

Existing suppliers

We’ve been setting up existing suppliers on the new system since go live in December and you will probably have received and email asking you to register. If you have any queries on payments or your account, please contact the IBC.

New suppliers

Once we have agreed you can supply goods or services to us, and you have provided us with contact and bank details, the IBC set your organisation up on our system.

Once this has been done, you’ll be able to link to your online IBC supplier account and we’ll be able to place orders with you. 

All orders we place include a purchase order number which you must include on your invoice when you send it for payment or when you load it onto the supplier self-service website. Invoices without a valid purchase order number will be returned to you unpaid.

More information

For more information please visit the Hantsweb IBC website 

Frequently asked questions

1. When did the financial system change?

1 December 2018. We entered into a new partnership with Hampshire County Council using their Integrated Business Centre (IBC). Hampshire County Council is an established provider, already delivering financial systems and transactional services to several public-sector organisations. 

2. Will my supplier number stay the same?

No, you’ll get a new supplier number.

3. Will my purchase order number change?

You should continue to use the purchase order (PO) numbers you have now. You will get new PO numbers for new requests for goods or services.

4. What is the ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy?

We’ll be working to a strict ‘No PO No Pay’ policy which means that all invoices that the IBC receive will need to quote a valid, open PO number for the invoice to be processed. If you don’t have a PO number, please ask for one from the H&F contact who placed your order, or your contract manager.

5. Can I email invoices/credit notes or do I send them by post?

We’d prefer you email invoices/credit notes to

If you do want to post them, please send them to Hammersmith & Fulham Council, HCC Processing Centre, PO Box 652, Hampshire SO23 3NP.

6. If I want to query an old invoice that was sent to BT who should I contact?

If you have any queries about invoices submitted to BT, please contact the officer or department who raised the order with you. If they are unable to help you, email:

7. Who should I contact for new invoice queries?

Please contact the IBC

8. Will my contact at Hammersmith & Fulham Council change?

No. Whoever requests your goods or services will continue to communicate with you over services and supplies, to raise new orders or to query invoice amounts.

9. What is ‘supplier self-service’ and how does it affect me?

This is a new web portal where suppliers can register, log in and enquire directly about the progress of your invoices. You’ll also be able to download remittance advice as well as raise queries about payments.  All new suppliers will be required to have a self-service account and this will be extended to existing suppliers later.

10. What if I don’t currently provide an invoice for payment – e.g. self-billing for care homes?

You won’t be affected - current arrangements will continue.

11. I am a social care provider submitting invoices to the council, does this affect me?

There are some limited circumstances, such as invoices for social care, where suppliers may need to submit invoices differently. If this is the case, we will be contacting you separately to confirm a continuation of your current arrangements.

Guidelines for submitting an invoice to Hammersmith & Fulham Council


  • Submit one invoice per PDF attachment. You may send multiple attachments in one email however please limit this to no more than five PDFs. 
  • Please ensure the first sheet of the attachment is the invoice, with supporting documents afterwards.
  • Make sure you obtain and quote the Purchase Order number relating to the goods or services you have provided.
  • Clearly state the invoice number, invoice date and value (net, VAT and gross).
  • Make sure the invoice totals are clear and correctly calculated.
  • Ensure that the item numbers and quantities match the prices we have agreed to pay on the Purchase Order.
  • Only one Purchase Order must be quoted on an invoice submitted for payment.
  • If you are submitting a credit note, you will need to quote a Purchase Order number and the original invoice number.
  • Send us your invoice as soon as you have delivered the services/goods.
  • Please indicate which service area or contact within the council the goods or services were delivered to, on your invoice.
  • VAT registered companies must quote their VAT number on all invoices.


  • Invoice us unless you have obtained a valid Purchase Order received from us.
  • Add anything before or after the Purchase Order reference number.  Our Purchase Orders are numeric.
  • Accumulate invoices. Send them by e-mail as soon as possible after you have delivered the services/goods to us.
  • Scan multiple invoices as one attachment.
  • Quote more than one Purchase Order on an invoice. This then requires manual intervention which delays the invoice.
  • Add a surcharge or carriage costs to the invoice unless we have agreed this in advance.
  • Send a copy of an invoice already submitted.
  • Submit an invoice in advance of goods being delivered, we do not pay in advance unless we have agreed to.
  • Email your invoice to multiple email addresses, just use the one listed above.
  • Send anything other than an invoice to the email address.
  • Request us to log into your system to access the invoice you want us to pay, you will need to send it to us.