Community Right to Challenge

How to apply to take over a service or services currently run by the council.

The right to challenge allows voluntary and community groups, charities, parish councils, and local authority staff to bid to run a local authority service where they believe they can do so differently and better. This may be a whole service or part of a service.

Organisations wishing to exercise the right to challenge will need to submit a written expression of interest. We have to consider and respond to expressions of interest which, if accepted, will trigger a procurement exercise for that service. The organisation which made the expression of interest can then participate, alongside others.

For more information on the Community Right to Challenge visit GOV.UK.

If you wish to submit an expression of interest, please complete the Right to Challenge application form (doc 118KB). Return by email to or post to:

Corporate Procurement Team
3rd Floor Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
London W6 9JU.

What you should include

The expression of interest must be in writing and include the following information. If the proposal is to deliver the relevant service as part of a consortium to use a sub-contractor the following information must be given in respect of each member of the consortium and each sub-contractor as appropriate:

  • who has expressed the interest and who is proposing to deliver the service
  • information about the financial resources of the organisation submitting the expression of interest
  • evidence that demonstrates that by the time of any procurement exercise the organisation submitting the expression of interest will be capable of providing or assisting in providing the relevant service
  • sufficient identification of the service to be considered and the geographical area that the service affects
  • the outcomes that are to be achieved and, in particular how the service will
  • improve the well-being and meet the needs of service users; and
  • promote the social, economic or environmental well-being of the borough
  • where the relevant body consists of employees of the relevant authority, details of how that relevant body proposes to engage other employees of the relevant authority who are affected by the expression of interest.

Acceptance and rejection of expressions of interest

We may accept an expression of interest, accept it with modifications, or reject an expression of interest. Potential reasons for rejection are listed below:

  • if the expression of interest does not meet the requirements of the service, or is outside the regulations that the we must comply with
  • if the information presented in the expression of interest is inaccurate or is inadequate to be fully considered
  • the organisation submitting the expression of interest is not suitable to provide the service
  • the expression of interest relates to a service where a decision has been made to stop providing that service
  • the expression of interest relates to a service which falls outside of the Localism Act 2011 because it is an exempt service
  • the expression of interest relates to a services which is already the subject of a procurement exercise
  • the expression of interest relates to a services for which negotiations are underway
  • the expression of interest is frivolous or vexatious
  • acceptance of the expression of interest is likely to lead to a breach of the law, or statutory duty.


You can submit an expression of interest from 1 January to 31 March each year. This is to allow us to consider expressions of interest as part of our budget-setting process.

We will acknowledge your expression of interest and will notify you of the timescales for our decision by 30 April each year.


If you have queries, please contact


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