Street filming

We don’t have the legal powers to give permission to film on the street, but please let us know as a matter of courtesy.

If you would like something in writing to say that the council has no objection to you filming on the street please complete the application to film form. We will assess the application and issue the notice to film. Notices range in price from £25.95 to £84.15 and is dependent on size of crew and equipment used.

If you are likely to be using tracks or anything else on the pavement or road, you must give us at least seven days notice and provide a diagram of how you intend to go about your filming (pavement width, camera placing, track placing, lights).

We can normally recommend parking and crew facilities, suspend parking bays or even possibly close roads depending on location and if you give us plenty of notice.

You should not deposit equipment on the street or remove or cover street furniture unless you clear this with us in advance. You should also be prepared to clear the public highway if we or the police ask you to do so. We also ask you not to block public footpaths with vehicles.

Small crews of under five with hand held equipement will usually have no problem using pavements to film, as long as they are not obstructing other pedestrians or causing any other health and safety hazard. Pavements must have at least 1.5 metres for pedestrians to get past a film crew.

Guidance for large film crews

Larger crews using genie booms, cranes, cherry pickers, scaffolding and any type of hoarding must apply for a permit with 10 working days notice.

Filming requirements for large film crews (pdf 191KB)