Business rates appeals

If you believe your rateable value is not correct you should contact the VOA to make an appeal.

The Listing Officer of the Valuation Office Agency (part of the Inland Revenue) has set a rateable value for every non-domestic property, apart from those that are exempt from business rates.

The rateable value broadly represents the yearly rent a property could have been let for on the open market on a particular date. The valuation office revalues properties every five years.

If you have any reason to believe your rateable value is not correct you can appeal against the VOA’s revised rateable value for your property.  You can find out more about the appeal process see how to appeal your rateable value.

You must continue to pay your business rates based on the existing rateable value of your property whilst the VOA are considering your appeal. If your appeal is successful, we will send you a refund for any overpayment that you have made.

Valuation Office Agency

03000 501 501

Valuation Office Agency
8th Floor
10 South Colonnade
Canary Wharf
London E14 4PU

Valuation Office Agency

Once you receive the VOA officer's decision, if you do not agree, you have a right of appeal to the independent valuation tribunal.

Valuation Tribunal

0300 123 2035

Valuation Tribunal Service
Second Floor
120 Leman Street
London E1 8EU

Valuation Tribunal

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