Building control regulations and fire precautions

The Building Regulations Approved Document B deals with definitive guidance on most aspects of fire safety within the more common building design proposals.

See the Planning Portal for Approved Document B.

However there may well be other ways of following the requirements, and this is taken into account when we receive any submission to our department.

Whether your building works are small, large or very complex, it is essential that the effects of the proposed building designs on fire safety are resolved at an early stage in the process.

Our fire safety experts can help without necessarily being too prescriptive with their advice.

We recommend that if your proposal involves large, complex or controversial designs, needing an early resolution and agreement, that you submit a pre-application form (linked below). This helps to ensure a more efficient, cost-effective process which minimises problems later in the project. The cost of the pre-application process is taken off your eventual building control application.

Building control pre application advice form (pdf)

The local fire and rescue authority

This department has an excellent relationship with the London Fire Brigade.

We have a duty to consult with them, on all commercial projects and projects involving residential common areas, to ensure they are aware of any new proposals and can make relevant comments.

We can ask them to attend meetings where their fire safety expertise and fire engineering knowledge may help.

It is also very worthwhile involving them at an early stage in any project, as they are the enforcing authority for fire safety, once the building has been occupied.

The Regulatory Reform

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) applies to most premises, other than single family dwellings, and in most cases it is enforced by the local fire and rescue authorities. It places the responsibility for fire safety on the ‘responsible person’ associated with the premises. This may be the owner, occupier, or employer; it is generally those people with any control over the premises.

Fire risk assessments

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that a 'responsible person' (usually the employer, occupier, owner or site manager) should take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of fire and ensure safe escape. This means that the 'responsible person' should:

  • Be responsible for ensuring that safety training is provided to all new members of staff at induction and ongoing
  • Reduce to as low as is practically possible taking into account new technology and reasonable costs the risk of fire and the consequences of a fire if it should occur
  • Help demonstrate that the required Fire Risk Assessment is 'suitable and sufficient', as required by law.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council Building Control, in association with LABC Consult, is able to provide a fire risk assessment service using independently accredited fire risk assessors, certified by the Warrington Fire Risk Assessors Certification Scheme.

Further information and guidance is provided in the brochure and website links below. For all enquiries, please contact Building Control.

We can also offer advice on your emergency plan (evacuation of your premises in the case of fire) which is needed to ensure your occupants evacuate safely in an emergency.

There is a charge for this service.

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