Civil partnership ceremonies

A civil partnership is a secular (non-religious) ceremony that is conducted and registered by a registrar. No religious content is permitted in the ceremony, but secular readings, music and other personal touches can be added to make sure that the ceremony is unique to you.

You are not required to have a ceremony and can have a simple registration. During a 'signing only’, you can sign the legal schedule in the presence of witnesses and the registrar and are not required to say any words or vows.

Conversion of a civil partnership to a marriage

For further information please go to the civil partnership conversion page.

Where can I form my civil partnership?

You are able to form your civil partnership in buildings that have been officially registered.

Booking a venue

It is often the case that civil partnerships get planned up to two years in advance and so it is important that before you plan or book any suppliers that you check the availability of the registrars.

A ceremony can be provisionally booked and a non-refundable deposit of £100 is required. The deposit will be deducted from the final balance which is owed. In order for you to form a civil partnership a notice of civil partnership will need to be given and can be given up to a year in advance.

The notice waiting period is either 28 days or 70 days and so it is important that notice is given as soon as possible after a provisional booking is made. This will ensure that your provisional booking becomes a confirmed. If you are booking a ceremony more than a year in advance then please give your notice of civil partnership early on within the 12 months before your ceremony date.

If you choose an approved venue you will also need to make a booking at the venue.


Certificates cost £11 each in addition to the ceremony fee.

Civil partnership ceremony fees
Venue Capacity Monday to Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and bank holidays
Copper Suite 58 people £300 £350 £400 £450
Rose Gold Room 12 people £150 £200 £250 Not available
Register Office 4 people £46 £46 £46 Not available
External approved venues (daytime) Confirm with venue £380 £491 £491 £601
External approved venues (after 6pm) Confirm with venue £655 £708 £762 £875
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