A masterplan for Wormwood Scrubs

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At 76.8 hectares, Wormwood Scrubs is the borough's largest open space. 

The eastern half is a huge expanse of grass big enough for sports pitches and space to fly kites, run about and picnic. The western side is more overgrown. Areas of woodland, scrub and meadows with grass paths and nature trails give an opportunity to explore and see nature up close.

The 'Scrubs' has about 18 hectares of tree cover and 22 hectares of long grass meadow with almost 100 species of birds and 250 species of wildflowers (one sixth of the UK flora).

Leisure facilities include play areas, walking / cycling routes, sports pitches, model aircraft runway and much more.

We are developing a masterplan that will improve the scrubs allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of exercise and relaxation.

The sports pitches will be kept with plenty of open space to allow exercise and recreation.

Most of the work we plan is in the west of the Scrubs.

We plan to open up some areas of woodland allowing more plants and flowers to grow, plant more trees to give a wider range of tree species, maintain long grass areas so that they are not dominated by bramble and provide more features such as ponds, birdboxes and hedges.

This will increase the opportunity for a wide range of plants and animals to live here. It will increase biodiversity and increase the possibility that we might one day see a lizard, a meadow pipit or even a hedgehog.

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