Access to Wormwood Scrubs for HS2 enabling works - planning application, Jan 2021

Hammersmith & Fulham Council opposed plans put forward by HS2 Limited to undertake construction works between Braybrook Street and the railway line as allowed under the HS2 Act, which would pass through a sensitive area of the Scrubs that we know residents treasure and that contains critical biodiversity.

Parliament passed legislation that requires works to proceed to divert a sewer and utility lines. It is the council’s view that the option of using Old Oak Common Lane to access these works would entail far less disruption to both local residents and the ecology of the Scrubs.

Following discussion with Hammersmith & Fulham Council, HS2 Limited has agreed to consider the option of using Old Oak Common Lane instead of Braybrook Street to access its works. The proposal for this alternative route from Old Oak Common Lane has been subject to pre-application engagement with OPDC by Hammersmith and Fulham Council and HS2.

The planning application for the alternative access road

A full planning application for the development of an alternative access road at Wormwood Scrubs from Old Oak Common Lane to be utilised by HS2 was submitted to the OPDC on 15 January 2021. The application seeks permission for the following development:       

Temporary planning permission for 18 months for the construction of a temporary construction access road to the Stamford Brook Sewer satellite compound from Old Oak Common Lane; and temporary ancillary development to include the creation of earthworks, erection of fencing, creation of a drainage swale and the laying of subsurface drainage pipes.

The planning application and full details of the proposal, alongside other supporting application documents, which assess the impact of the development sought under this are available to view on the OPDC website.

The planning application will be determined by the OPDC and, in assessing the application, a 21-day public consultation period will provide an opportunity for anyone interested to review the proposals and comment. Anyone can comment on the application. To ensure any comments you wish to make are taken into consideration please submit them to the OPDC via its website by 11 February 2021.

View and comment on the application here or search for the application using reference number 21/0001/FULOPDC on the planning register website.

All comments received by the OPDC will be considered in their assessment of the proposals. OPDC officers are intending to present their report to the OPDC Planning Committee for a decision on Tues 23 February.

Community Q&A virtual meeting: Monday 1 February 2021

As part of the consultation process, the council held a virtual public meeting for residents and community members. This was to provide an opportunity to find out more about the planning application for the access route across Wormwood Scrubs from Old Oak Common Lane and to have answers to any questions relating to the proposals set out in the application.

View the slide pack of the proposals presented at the meeting, which includes photos of where the new temporary route would cross the Scrubs.

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